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Polar Backup Review – The Best Lifetime Cloud Storage Service?

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We all know that having a reliable cloud storage solution is required these days right? Finding a trustworthy company that will be around for years that will safely store our most important memories, audio files, and documents are crucial.  There have been many cloud storage services that have come and gone and there are of course the big players in the space like Norton, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc… But today I’m going to be reviewing Polar Backup which has come on the scene recently by offering lifetime cloud storage plans. So we are going to help you determine if this is a good cloud storage investment for you.

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That’s the best price for any cloud storage service you will ever find.

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Lifetime Cloud Storage – Is It A Good Idea?

Over the years there have been a few lifetime cloud storage offerings that were shaking the industry. Many were flocking to these types of plans for obvious reasons. Who can’t resist a one-time payment for a lifetime of cloud storage? Pay once, upload and leave it there until you need it. In a perfect world, this plan is the best thing you can have for storage, however, typically these plans are not sustainable in the long run for most providers and they go belly up. In the case of Polar Backup, they have seemed to found the magic formula for offering a lifetime plan which will make this a win-win for both them as a company and for us as users of the plan. The parent company has been in the Cloud space for over a decade and they have many products under their umbrella and Polar is just one of them. They have also created a patented-pending technology that is “compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This basically means that by leveraging the power of AWS, but with their own data management system that runs up to 100x more efficiently than AWS’ cloud ‘out-of-the-box’.” In other words, they have perfected a platform that is extremely inexpensive to maintain thus the ability to offer lifetime plans for cold storage needs.

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Polar Backup Interface

The interface is pretty ‘basic’ in looks which is nice because all I am expecting from this is an easy way to select what drives I want to backup and click on ‘GO’. Other than that I want an easy way to restore files that I need. This software does both of those and using the software is easy enough for anyone to pick up easily.

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How To Use Polar Backup To Backup Files

One nice thing that Polar Backup offers is a Smart Selection screen which has the most common folders that you would typically want to backup. On this screen simply tick the boxes you want and it will automatically select everything in those folders. This is the easiest way to get your files backed up.

You can also manually select folders on your hard drives as well from the My Computer tab. This looks like a typical folder view where you can select either folders or files. Once you have your selections make, its as simple as clicking on the backup button to start the upload process.

Make Your Backup Work On Autopilot

This is true set it and forget it. Just turn on to auto backup and set the interval and Polar Backup will work in the background to upload any new files that are added.

Polar Backup Lifetime Pricing

Currently, there are 3-lifetime plans available:

  • 1TB for $39.99
  • 2TB or $59.99
  • 5TB for $99.99

All offer the same AWS cold storage solution. You can upgrade plans at any time if you decide to start at 1TB.

Be sure to use promo code: RVW20 and that will take off 20% on any lifetime plan.

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Final Word

So far I’m loving my Polar Backup account, I have already uploaded about 500gb of photos that I plan on just leaving there as a safeguard to my backup hard drive. What’s great about Polar is that if I accidentally delete a photo or file from my local that i can easily restore that file from Polar with a click of the mouse.

So for $40, Polar Backup offers peace of mind for all my files. Do I recommend it?? Of course, who doesn’t have $40 for this?

Other sites have also rated it high on their list such as Cloud Storage Explorer who does rating and comparisons on dozens of cloud storage providers.

Check Out All Lifetime Polar Backup Plans Here

9.5 Total Score
Polar Backup Is The Bomb

Cloud storage for a one-off fee. Yes please.

  • Cold storage from AWS
  • One-time payment
  • Set and forget
  • Fast
  • Not for file sharing
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  1. I’ve seen some cloud back up system reviews which say that some storage plans don’t back up “external drives” Will Polar back up from my external drive? My iMac has a 250GB harddrive so my files are all stored on an external harddrive and an external backup drive. I have over 10,000 photos

    • Yes, Polar Backup will easily backup external drives. I have two myself on my iMac. I mainly use Polar for backing up photos.

  2. What is the maximum file size for Polar Backup? I have a 2 TB hi def feature film I would like to back up. Can it do that?

  3. I got this to save money since I kept getting hit with restore fees from my last cloud service. I read that it takes longer to download your files, but I haven’t tried that yet. So far great upload speeds and no problems.

  4. Thank you for the review, I’ve been using Polar recently and I’m actually enjoying the high quality service I’m receiving.

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