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Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found in Cannabis Sativa plant or commonly known as marijuana. This compound is proven non-psychoactive. Because of this characteristic, it is widely used in the manufacture of therapeutic oils and alternative medicines as it is believed to affect the muscles’ feeling of relaxation and calm

CBD is one of the unregulated markets today, that’s why it is very hard for a consumer to identify legit products. With the numerous CBD products that are promising effective results, how are you going to know which ones are true or not?

In this article, we will review the different products offered by Populum, a well-known company for premium CBD products.

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Populum CBD product line

Populum CBD is one of the best CBD products on the market. Populum comes from the Latin words Ad populum which means “for the people”. Populum CBD products have been tested by a third-party laboratory, wherein lab results are indicated in the label for peace of mind, and that makes the products acceptable in the legitimate market.

Also, the company is in partnership with the local hemp farmer in Colorado, using organic and non-GMO farm products proving that they have high-quality and all-natural hemp raw material. The Populum CBD products come in different forms; oils, edibles, capsules, a gel-like rub with natural plant ingredients, and pets’ oil with a lower dosage of CBD oil.

Below are the brands of Populum CBD:

1. Populum Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Review: 

This product comes with high-quality CBD oils, with 250-1000mg concentrations blended with other types of oils, such as hemp seed oil, cold-pressed orange oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil. Available in 3 dosage variations depending on your needs. The Basic 250 contains 8mg of hemp extract, Signature 500 has 17 mg, and Advanced 1000 with 33mg. 

You can get the beneficial effects of CBD in each variety and also the health benefits of other essential oils combined. Taking the oil before bedtime will help you feel soothed and fall asleep easily. But the price of this product is higher compared with other products on the market ranging from $70-$200, depending on the milligrams.

2. Populum Zen Pets Calming Health Oil Review:

 This product is made for your dogs and cats. It helps your pets feel calm and promotes good health. It can be given directly or added to their food.

The product has a blend of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and a full spectrum of hemp extract. With a 100 mg dosage of high-quality hemp oil, this product is great for your pets. This calming oil is priced at $35.

3. Populum Hemp Rub Review:

 This product is a gel-like, non-greasy rub formulated for pain relief. This can be used to ease muscle and joint pain, and does not cause skin irritations. Depending on the usage, you can feel the effect immediately or in just a few minutes. Compared with other products, this rub contains 100 percent all-natural and organic hemp combined with other organic ingredients such as chamomile, aloe Vera, and arnica. This rub is priced at $45. 

4. Populum Hemp CBD Capsules Review:

This product comes in gluten-free gelatin capsules. Each capsule contains 25 milligrams of complete CBD oil. Each bottle contains 30 doses.

The Populum CBD Starter Kit To The Rescue

If you are a new customer, the company offers a starter kit to test the products and find which ones suit your needs.  

To guarantee its effectiveness, the company-Populum, offers a 30 day risk-free trial on its Starter kit. And if you are not satisfied with the products for 30 days, the company offers a full refund of your payment. 

The starter kit contains a 250 mg bottle of Full-Spectrum Hemp oil, 1 bottle of Zet Pets Calming oil, and 1 bottle of Cold Therapy Hemp Rub.

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Based on reviews of Populum CBD products, you can say that these are truly effective and are guaranteed legit. With regards to the starter kit, you will not regret the offer because it is promising. Based on experience with the products, one can say that Populum CBD products are 100 percent effective. Though the price is higher than other CBD products out in the market today, with guaranteed satisfaction, you will get your money’s worth.

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The Populum sample box is a great way to start using CBD to see if its right for you.

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