ProofPop Review – Social Proof Service

ProofPop is a new social proof notification service that will give your site that extra lift to help with your conversions. Why a service like this is useful is that is shows your past visitors actions on your site. For example you can set the service to show notifications whenever someone signs up for you newsletter or makes a purchase. So by combining all of these action into a little widget that you set to show on a time delay that you set, you are showing all your new visitors how active your site or service is which increases confidence in the visitor to take action.

The dashboard offer 14 widget options to choose from. The options are

  • Informational
  • Coupons
  • Live Counter
  • Email Collector
  • Latest Conversions
  • Conversion Counter
  • Videos
  • Social Sharing
  • Random Review
  • Emoji Feedback
  • Cookie Notifications
  • Score Feedback
  • Request Collector
  • Countdown

All are easy to setup and configure.  To get the service to work on your site you just add a few lines of code to the header of your site. It doesn’t matter what type of site you have or where you are hosting your site. As long as you have the ability to add code to your site then ProofPop will work for you.

ProofPop Vs. UseProof

Both of these social proof services are SaaS based, meaning that you login to their system and grab some code to add to your site to ‘connect’ your account to your site. Both offer an easy way to design your social pops and both connect via webhooks so that you can automatically display your latest activity (newsletter signups, ecomm sales, etc..) Both services will work with nearly all types of sites, from straight HTML sites to Wix sites and everything in-between.

The main difference is in the pricing. UseProof can go as high as $790 a year where ProofPop is only $360 a year for their highest tiered plan.

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