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Today we take a look at ProxyRack VPN, one of the newest VPNs in the market. We provide you with a simple overview as well as a detailed review of their service below.

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The Company

As mentioned earlier, ProxyRack is one of the newer VPN services in the market. Their primary focus is on providing high-speed proxy connections. Using a multitude of proxy protocols and modern technology, this Australian based company successfully provides high-speed proxy connections to help you get a lot done. Their VPN service is still in its infancy, but it comes with the biggest marketing strategy; it’s absolutely free.

Brief Summary of the Service

VPN Pricing Plans:

As of now, it is absolutely free to use. They assure us that there will be a free option in the future at all times as well.

Protocols Offered:



MAC-OSX and Windows OS


  • VPN service absolutely free
  • Easy to use Windows and MAC client
  • Efficient Proxy service with 14-day money back guarantee
  • 5 simultaneous connections allowed
  • 24X7 online chat supports available


  • Only one protocol available for VPN
  • Based in Australia so some of their support team is in a different time zone

Detailed Review of ProxyRack

Pricing and everything associated with it

Pricing and Plans:

ProxyRack is offering their VPN service absolutely free currently. On asking their customer support, we were told that there will always be a free option available even in the future despite the company building their network. Speaking of their proxy service, it is quite highly priced after the ending of the 7-day free trial period. Their pricing plans for proxy service are:

  1. Standard – $40 per month with no limit on bandwidth and access to over 25,000 IPs across the world. 50 max connections allowed
  2. Elite – Same as standard but priced at $60 per month and 100 max connections allowed
  3. Guru – Same as standard but priced at $120 per month and 200 max connections allowed

It must also be noted that the proxy service can only be subscribed to on a monthly basis, with no discounted plans for lengthy subscriptions.


Payment for ProxyRack subscriptions can be made either by PayPal or through Stripe credit card service.

Refund Policy:

ProxyRack offers a 14-day money back guarantee on their Proxy service. The VPN service is absolutely free of cost, so there is no need for one for the VPN service at the moment.



Protocols offered:

ProxyRack offers OpenVPN with 2048 bit encryption to its customers. No other VPN protocols are offered. As for their Proxy service they offer HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, and SOCKS5.

Logs policy:

ProxyRack does not have a privacy policy on their website. On asking their customer support, we were told that ProxyRack does not log the activity of their customers. The only time a customer’s activity is logged is when he or she requests support for some technical issue wherein the support staff might log the activity to resolve the issue. However, they did mention they log some info regarding users when connected to the Netflix server, mainly streams through their DNS server which I guess is how they count it on their web page.


ProxyRack currently has a little over 20 servers across 12 countries of the world. They are regularly adding servers on a weekly basis.

Simultaneous connections:

ProxyRack allows up to 5 simultaneous connections from the same account.

Customer Support:

ProxyRack has a 24X7 online chat support as well as an email support. The chat support was not fully equipped to answer our queries, but they promptly forwarded our request to the technical staff, assuring us we would hear back from them. They were true to their word, for the technical staff reverted to us in a few hours.


ProxyRack offers a VPN kill switch. This means that as soon as your VPN connection is lost, the internet connection is killed so that your identity and activity is not visible to anyone even for the short duration your VPN connection drops and reconnects.

VPN Software


The VPN client for ProxyRack is quite easy to use. To download their client, you first need to sign up to their service. After that, you need to confirm your registration. When you are given access to the customer area, you can view your profile and download the VPN client from Windows or MAC.

After downloading it, all you need to do to use their VPN service is install it and then open it. You can select a server from the 20+ servers they offer across 12 countries at the moment.


ProxyRack offers a VPN client for Windows and MAC OS, which can be downloaded from the website upon successful registration. There is no mobile client as of now, so there is no mobile client for Android and iOS users.

Security and Privacy

ProxyRack’s website does not have a privacy policy, which means that there is no way to know what kind of logs they record, if any, without asking their support staff. We did just that and were told that ProxyRack VPN does not record any sort of logs of their users’ internet activity. Logs are only recorded when some technical assistance is requested by a user. However, since the VPN company is based in the Australia, one cannot be too sure. Although the intentions of the company may be right, the laws in the country regarding data retention make it a bad choice for basing your operations from. This is basically the same as other VPN providers we reviewed such as ExpressVPN.

As for the security, ProxyRack uses OpenVPN with 2048 bit encryption.



ProxyRack has a good customer support service. They have a 24X7 online chat support as well as email support for users. We did not have to wait for someone in the chat support at all. They also have a brief FAQ section on their website that answers some basic questions. Although the online chat support could not answer all the questions to our liking, we were impressed by their promptness. They even forwarded our queries to the technical support who got in touch with us within 5 hours, so it is pretty good.


ProxyRack VPN’s website is something that they need to improve upon. Although it is quite neat and to the point, there are a lot of things missing. For starters, there is no privacy policy on their website. The information that is given is also not as properly descriptive as it should be. All in all, the design is neat and elegant, but the content needs improvement.


ProxyRack VPN is a totally free of cost VPN service. They offer just 20 servers across 12 countries, but that is more than what many other vendors offer. They are also constantly adding more servers to their network. The connection speeds are impressive; connection drops are few (although that could be accredited to small customer base) and the proxy service is efficient as well. In all, the VPN service is not the worst, and with the company only having started its VPN service recently, it could become a big name very soon.

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