Qomfort Mattress Review & Discount Code

Qomfort is making a splash with their new mattress line! They offer a lifetime warranty, which actually reveals that they stand behind their items. An additional thing that establishes them besides the remainder is their very own researchers designed the memory foams they utilize in their beds and also they hand down that high quality and also price savings to the customer. We are excited regarding what Qomfort is doing as well as are eager to see them expand in the market. This is why we decided to do a review of the Qomfort mattress to add to our best mattress reviews report.

Qomfort mattresses are crafted with their very own proprietary mix of gel instilled memory foams. Here’s what’s inside their bed mattress top to bottom:

Layer 1: Their top cover is a very slim cover that is a mix of polyester and also other products.

Layer 2: 2″ of their proprietary oxygenated gel memory foam that offers pressure relief and cooling.

Layer 3: 2″ shift layer foam that is stronger than the leading layer, but not as firm as the base. It further eliminates stress points as well as provides a firmer contour.

Layer 4: 6″ of high density base foam that gives the bed a solid foundation.


Best Sleeper Type For The Qomfort Mattress

If you are wanting a medium soft memory foam mattress, and are on the lighter side <150lbs light in physique, and don’t mind taking a chance on a very early company, this is for you!

Qomfort Mattress Shipping

For our review we received a Full sized mattress. Pictured below is the box it comes in. Just under 5′ in height and it weighed around 100 lbs. I didn’t have a scale so that total is a best guess estimate. But moving the box through the house was not a problem by myself. Note: I would recommend to open the box in the room that you are going to have it in. (Also make sure there is plenty of space in the room so that you can unbox and expand the mattress.

Qomfort Mattress Setup

Setting up the mattress is pretty straightforward and not complicated at all. Simply slide it out of the box and remove the plastic wrapping. Next, unroll and watch it expand. This is actually pretty fun to watch. I’m always amazed at how they roll up these types of mattresses to start with. Below is the expanded mattress along with my Marty hat to show that these are really the mattresses of the future. 🙂

Total time for full expansion is less than 1 minute.

Unrolled – out of the box.

Showing the layers about 30 seconds after unrolling.

Fully expanded with wrapping removed.

How Well Does The Qomfort Mattress Sleep?

Most agree that this mattress supplies a wonderful medium convenience to most sleepers, aligning the spine. Some much heavier sleepers report included sinkage and also there are records that if you more than 250lbs, then this mattress may be too soft for you as you will be sinking into the mattress quite a bit. For my ‘bottom out’ test I dropped myself about 6″ above the mattress which was on the floor and I ‘bottomed out’. I’m 200lbs exactly. Not sure if you can picture the softness from this description but that gives you some sort of idea on the softness level.

Back Pain Relief?

Based on the suppleness rating of this cushion, it needs to ease neck and back pain signs and symptoms for numerous with the exception of some much heavier folks. I never got any back pain from using this mattress. The only complaint was that it was a bit too soft for my 200lb frame. I typically prefer a firmer cushion like the Eight Mattress. But if you like that feeling of being hugged then this is a great option.

How Cool Is It?

After using it for 3 nights I did not wake up with any bed sweats using normal sheets. This is impressive because other memory foam toppers I usually got slight bed sweats. This is probably due to the technology they built into the gel foam layer.

Qomfort Mattress Pricing

(As of: March 31, 2017)

Twin: $399

Full: $549



Qomfort Mattress Coupon Code

Qomfort mattress has issued us a generous $100 off coupon code to issue to all Reviewster readers. Just use promo code: SLEEP Click Here and it will take up to $100 off your mattress total. 🙂

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