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RankTools Pro is a collection of 25+ SEO tools for your website, your clients’ sites, or for ‘spying’ on your competitors.

A quick look at the Analysis Tools will give you access to a bunch of goodies that will give you an SEO audit on your site. Note: The Pro version does not include the Visitor Analytics, you would need to add that to your account for $5 a month. But everything else can be used at will. The Website Analysis is a quick overview of your on page SEO and gives suggestions on what you can do right now on your site to fix your on page SEO.

The Social Network Analysis does a quick scan of your social media followers, likes, etc.. This is helpful to know, mainly if you are looking at where your competitors are so you can see what they are doing that you may want to consider doing as well.

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The Rank & Index Analysis gives you a quick snapshot on how many pages you have indexed in the major search engines. Also included is full Moz Rank details and Alexa Rank info.

The Domain Analysis gives you WhoIs info, the DNS info, the Server Info for the domain plus a domain auction list that you may be interested in.

The Link Analysis tool will do a quick scan of all of the links on your page and let you know if any are broken and what types of links they are.

The IP Analysis gives you enough info on your IP that you may or may not care about. In terms of your competitors, you can see where the servers are located.

The Keyword Analysis will give you a snapshot of any page for what keywords that are on that page. Perfect for scanning competitor pages to see what they have on their page so that you can consider something similar. Also there is a keyword ranking tool that can track your rankings on a schedule you set. Helpful to see how your site performs with specific keywords.

And the SiteDoctor is probably the gem of the tool for agencies as this will create a report of all of these tools onto one PDF that you can then print out and give to their clients as a SEO Audit report.

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