Reef CBD Review + Coupon Codes

We got our hands on a few products from Reed CBD over the weekend and wanted to share our thoughts. A little background on Reef CBD.


Reef CBD Soft Chews Review

The Reef CBD gummies we tried were the Sour soft chews which come in a 20 count bottle with 10mb of CBD in each piece for a total of 200mg. It came with a certificate of  analysis from RAD2 which is becoming one of the leaders in 3rd part testing of CBD products. All tests show ‘passed’ which means that what Reef is claiming is confirmed by a 3rd party, currently the only form of verification that consumers can trust. The gummies themselves are a bit different from other gummies I have tried in the past. Other CBD gummies look and taste just like regular candy that you find in the candy store but these were more gel like and hard to get out of the bottle. Though very soft and sticky, they tasted great. I took 2 and waited a few minutes before it kicked in. Can’t say I was over the moon but I was relaxed a short while after. Would I but these again? Yes, they are added to my shortlist of brands to hunt down in the future.

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Reef CBD Tincture Review

The tincture I used was their 250mg bottle. The taste is pleasant, kinda minty but not too strong. I started with putting 2 dropper fulls under my tongue. After about 10 minutes I felt the relax kick in. I have tried many tinctures and oils over the past few months and some offer a heavier affect which is typically not nice. But the Reef tincture was simply calming. I’ll finish off the bottle using it in teas or even my coffee, even though its slightly minty, should still taste good as its not overpowering.

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Reef CBD Promo Code

Use coupon code: REVIEWSTER for 10% off anything.


Reef CBD offers a good product line to the CBD market. I can see this selling well in surf stores because of the packaging. The key will be if consumers return to the Reef or move on to other CBD products. But if something works then why jump ship right?

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