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It has been a few months since I got to know about Kratom Crazy by a close friend. He made all sorts of efforts to convince me to use Kratom Crazy products at least once. I was like, “Oh man! Do you work for them?”, Which I know he does not. He was just so excited to share something which he hoped would help me to deal with anxiety and stressful environment.

My friend has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last nine months after he noticed the symptoms. He took all sort of medicine and prescription given by the doctor. He consistently followed the routine, but he just could not control it.

Someone from the hospital told him about Kratom Crazy, and after consulting a few experts, he tried the Kratom Crazy products. Well, unlike a popular belief, he went ahead and tried it. But, did it work any better than prescription he has been taking?

Is Kratom Crazy Anything Like Advertised?

I am a very skeptical person when it comes to the quality of the marketed product, and I would never believe it until I see it. Kratom Crazy has turned out to be lucky for me, as I was able to notice the results of Kratom Crazy without consuming the products offered by them. The friend I just talked about, has started to exercise his muscles without much stress and pain.

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Earlier, despite of consuming prescribed medicine, the medicine does not seem to be as effective as it usually does. The prescription was quite fine for a couple of days but eventually stopped working. He was not able to move a few steps from his room, let alone exercising. But, Kratom Crazy turned out to be like a blessing in disguise for him.

As far as my opinion is concerned, if we keep aside the popular belief of medication in general, I think new ideas no matter what they are, deserve to be entertained. Evidently, my friend’s handful advice is the reason I am writing so much, which I think is a little crazy, because I do not write reviews very often.

What Did I Order?

And, since I am a doubtful person, I chose to begin with one, and if I would find it working, I might order more. Since I mostly deal with stress and anxiety, I ordered a medicine that was specified as stress relieving medication. On the 2nd of placing an order, the delivery person from a vendor company to Kratom Crazy has arrived.

I was quite surprised with my experience with Kratom Crazy website. The website was totally slick and has processed my request in less than a minute, except for time taken in selecting the items to order. I am yet to reach out to the customer support, but I strongly hope that they would not disappoint if we go with the attitude of the brand advertisement.

Once I received the product I ordered, I straightaway started consuming the products after a short inspection. Because, for the last few days, my health was a little off the track. I noticed that the effects of the Kratom Crazy product were slow, but once you seem to notice the change, it works like a charm.

The product that I have ordered is the Red Vein Bali, which is know to be very effective in arthritis. I simply take an ample amount of the powder and put it into my mouth, after which, I drink water right away. I also add some to my favorite drinks like chocolate, soy, or almond milk. Bali Kratom also benefits from additional analgesic and muscle relaxing properties.

Other proucts that you can also try are the:

  • Maeng Da – Helps clear your mind and provide a relaxed feeling in performing the tasks throughout the day. It also works best by relieveing pain and stimulating the body.
  • Super Green Malay – Boosts mental stimulation and calmness, enhances and balances the mood, and relieves pain and inflammation.
  • White Vein Borneo – Contains a very effective mood-lifting properties as well as pain relief.

My Overall Experience With Kratom Crazy

I was hesitant until I opened the website for trying to know more about their services, location, and what they are setting out to achieve. My overall experience with the Kratom Crazy has been undoubtedly smooth and quite unusual. But, it is understandable that some people might think of business opportunity as a chance to actually serve. Perhaps, it may too soon to say anything about Kratom Crazy as they have just started, and we are yet to know a lot of things about them.

This process of introducing art from east to west, and west to east is repeated for thousands of years now. Kratom Crazy has done exactly that, which also highlights some creative and old school team effort from their side.

Now, let us also talk about the packaging and price of Kratom Crazy products. The packaging of the product that has been offered by the vendor is very fine and robust. And, you may end up getting all this at such an economical price that would definitely not affect the pocket just like the prescriptions do, at some point.

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Pros & Cons Of Kratom Crazy

Besides all that, I think Kratom Crazy does offer a few things that need to be separated out to highlight them. Many of them are good ones, but there are a few things that might make you rethink everything. The bad ones are not disastrous or something, but it is just that the fault or loopholes that I personally noticed here, are not commonly seen. Let us see what the points that we would probably notice while placing an order on Kratom Crazy are:


  • The product offered is economical, genuine and effective alternative to medicine for anxiety, pain, stress, etc.
  • Customer loyalty program that would offer a significant discount on the orders with discount coupons starting from 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%.
  • They also offer fast shipping. However, FedEx may take some time depending upon the location.
  • There is a full money back guarantee in case the product fails to satisfy you with the relief the Kratom products offer.


  • Most of the things with Kratom Crazy were fine, but the payment gateway issue is one of the main issues that I faced while making payments.
  • They use outsourced delivery options that may sometimes take more time than usual.


I appreciate my friend’s effort to convince me to get me into this. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is going through any kind of chronic pain and prevent yourself from going to the doctors, maybe you should know people’s opinion about this medicinal drug.

Eventually, I will be going to order a complete course from Kratom Crazy, and see how it goes. I am hoping to live and work without any stress and anxiety. I would happily recommend it people who are struggling with their bodies.

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  1. I’m overall very happy with the quality of the kratom I received from kratom crazy. I’ve used Maeng Da from several different companies and kc kratom is by far superior to most of what I’ve used before. My only issue this time was their claim that if kratom is paid for prior to 12 pm est then it will be shipped the same day. That was not the case. It was not shipped until the next day in the afternoon. In the meantime I ran out of kratom and was in severe physical and mental anguish. When I contacted them to express my displeasure I was told that my order was in transit…. I already knew it was in transit, that was not my issue. I felt they complete disregarded my concerns and didn’t even give me an apology or explanation. Nothing. I will order from them again because the cost is really CRAZY! I could buy a kilo for $89, free shipping and it’s high quality product. For those that rely heavily on kratom for pain/anxiety, etc, I suggest you make sure you order from them prior to running out of kratom.

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