Roxio Toast 18 Titanium Review


  • Supports both DVD and Blu-Ray
  • Supports all tablets & smartphones
  • Offers just about everything you would want to do with your media files


  • May offer too many features that you will never use.
  • No file streaming

Verdict: This Wondershare offering is the best alternative to using iDVD or iMovie. The majority of people looking for a replacement are switching to this software. Myself included!

Price: $99.99

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Ranked #2 out of 10 Compare All Mac Software Side-by-Side

My Experience With Roxio Toast 18

REVIEWED by Eric Byron

Where other software is either dedicated to one particular job or capable of doing a couple of things, Roxio is advertising itself as “The ultimate digital media toolkit”. The areas that the software covers are Capture, Copy, Convert, Share and Burn.

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Capture and Copy

Roxio can capture HD video from camcorders and extract videos from your own DVDs. There’s also the ability to capture videos from video streaming sites and either burn it to a DVD or send it to your iTunes.

There’s audio capturing as well including capturing audio from websites or ripping audio books (with the chapters) and a digitizer for converting old audio formats.

You can copy DVDs, CDs and even Blu-Rays. There’s even an option to recover damaged discs that could be extremely useful.

Basically if there’s a video or sound clip you want, Roxio will provide you with a way of getting hold of it. The only exception is for copy protected discs so if you’re after something for making back-ups of your DVD collection you’ll need something like DVD-Cloner.

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Conversion and Share

Videos that are in Roxio Toast can be converted for use on multiple devices (iPads, games consoles etc). There are the usual variables you might expect such as quality and aspect ratio.

As is quite typical, there are numerous format options for different devices however if you want a specific format the options are a tad limited. This shouldn’t be a problem for general users but anyone who wants to convert files specifically for editing might find some limitations.

There are multiple options for sharing, including send the video to Youtube or Facebook or even stream them to your TiVo DRVR.

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There are lots of options for burning video and audio projects and even options to edit them before doing so. But perhaps the biggest selling point is the fact that Roxio Toast can burn to Blu-Ray. Despite Blu-Ray being available for years now, there are still very few programs that will help you burn one.

Tech Specs

  • New! Simple video editing with Toast Slice
  • New! Secure your files on disc or USB drives with Roxio Secure Burn
  • Enhanced! Screen Capture: Record your screen and system audio, plus add voiceover
  • Enhanced! DVD authoring: Create DVD movies with titles, menus and chapters
  • Disc burning: Get a DVD and CD burner for Mac in one
  • Convert video: To view on phones, tablets and game consoles
  • Capture video: From the web, camcorders and DVDs
  • Sharing: Post to Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and more!

Final Verdict

Roxio Toast 18 Titanium is $99.99 (but available at $79.99 from the Roxio website), which makes it probably the most expensive software of its type. But the sheer number of options and features might just win you over. Things like scheduling a conversion in case you want it to work while you’re not using the Mac (new to this version of Toast).

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And considering the number of features, Roxio isn’t difficult to use. There are even video tutorials you can watch if you get stuck.

If you just want something that’ll burn your iMovie videos on to a DVD then you could save your money and go for a cheaper option. But if you enjoy having the freedom to capture video from anywhere and doing what you want with it, then Roxio will be worth the money. And if you want to do more with Blu-Rays, you won’t have much of a choice.

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