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Buying a mattress is a lot trickier than it seems. There are many other factors to consider aside from just price and size. The mattress you buy will practically determine your sleeping pattern as long as you have it. With that in mind, consider support, heat control, firmness, and your height and weight, as well as your personal preferences when it comes to choosing your mattress. Today, we review the Saturn Mattress from Eight Mattress. This is their entry level mattress. Also, take a look at our Mars+ Review which offers a few additional layers in the mattress. Overall this was a great mattress for side sleepers due to its softness.

We tested this mattress with these accessories that you may want to consider

About Eight Mattress

Eight Mattress is an online mattress company based in the US focusing on utilizing technology for better sleep through innovations in sleep systems. Unique features of their mattresses include an innovative smart mattress layer that can trace your sleep patterns, regulate temperature, and coordinate with your other available smart devices. The company’s line of mattresses considers all needs, sizes, and budgets in order to improve sleep using innovative smart design. Their website also has an online store where you can purchase or check the availability of their mattresses.

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What Is The Saturn Mattress

The Saturn is an unquilted 10” three-layered purely foam mattress. This affordable choice creates a surface with just the right amount of firmness using high-quality foams that ensure support and comfort when you sleep. The smart sleep tracker cover and the mattress itself may be purchased on their own. You can use the smart cover by itself on your own mattress, or you may just buy the mattress itself if it is the only one you want.

Materials Used On The Saturn Mattress

The Eight Saturn mattress is made up of three layers with a combined 10” thickness. The 2” topmost layer is made of 3 lb density responsive foam. This foam is intended to have the benefits of latex foam with more responsiveness and bounce. It is also meant to provide comfort and heat dissipation, and it contours well to the sleeper’s body. The middle layer, also 2” in thickness, is made up of 1.8 lb transition foam that provides support as well as serves as the division between the top and base foams. The bottom layer is made of 6” of 1.8 lb density support base foam. This serves as the foundation of the mattress and ensures durability as well as stability for the foams on top.

The included mattress cover is made of simple, lightweight breathable polyester fabric. It is meant to be covered with the smart sleep tracking mattress layer, so the simplicity of its design is intended to create a better surface for the tracker to work.

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Unboxing the Saturn Mattress

The mattress is wrapped in a durable plastic cover and is folded and rolled inside a cardboard box. The box is quite compact compared to other mattresses, but it weighs 75 lbs so you might need some help moving it around. Taking the mattress out of the box and the plastic covering only takes a few minutes, and then you could sleep on it right away. The smart cover comes in another box, which should be placed on the mattress once it is set up on your bed. In order to change the settings for the smart cover, download the app by Eight and adjust the settings according to your preferences.

Most boxed mattresses will usually smell a little once unwrapped and unrolled, but as this mattress was manufactured in the US, most of the considerably obnoxious odors should have been cut down. The off-gassing should dissipate in a few hours, but if you are especially sensitive to odors, leave it alone for up to 12 hours in an empty room.

Setting It Up

To set up your mattress you will need an even, flat surface in order to support the combined weight of the mattress and that of the people sleeping on them. The Eight mattress will be great on many types of beds such as a framed or unframed box spring bed, a bed on a platform, a slatted bed or a bed with an adjustable base. Setting it up is easy as you only need to lay the mattress on top of the bed, and it can be used right away.

How Does The Saturn Sleep

Moving Around

Due to the dense support base of the mattress, most vibrations caused by moving around will be absorbed so little to no motion transfer will be felt. This mattress is recommended for people who share a bed, as disturbances due to moving around and getting in and out of bed will be minimal.

Comfort, Temperature, and Support

The Eight mattress consists of three layers of foam. The topmost layer, the comfort layer, consists of a 2” comfortable foam that is made to feel and bounce like latex. It is also meant to regulate the temperature of the mattress. Below the topmost layer is the 2” layer of transition foam designed to contour and conform to the body.

On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest, the mattress falls under a firmness rate of 7. This aligns with the product’s ‘medium firm’ label, which is not too soft but is more on the firmer side. This mattress is recommended for people who sleep on their back, side, and stomach as the sleeping surface provides enough support for the spine and also has enough softness for the shoulders and hips to sink into. People who prefer medium softness might also want to consider this mattress.

On the other hand, this mattress does not have any gels or other cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating. The top latex like layer only helps to dissipate heat, while the smart cover has settings for warming the bed, but a cooling option is not available. This mattress might not be suitable for people who prefer a cool sleeping surface.

While the combination of the layers of the mattress works together to provide a solid and supported sleeping surface from the center to the edges, the edges have less support and might feel rather squishy instead of solid when you sit on one of them.

The Eight Saturn Smart mattress system in queen size costs $799, but you have the option of buying either the smart cover for $299 only or the mattress only for $599. Discounts are available on Eight’s website,

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