Savage CBD Review & Coupon Code

Savage CBD Coupon Codes

I’ll start this off with the promo code they gave us to give out. Use promo code: REVIEWSTER to save 15% on all Savage CBD products here.

50MG Gummies Review

Don’t let the name of this CBD brand fool you. These gummies will tame the most savage individual. Packing a whopping 50mg of CBD in each piece. The full bag will have your savage nature curled up in the corner with a warm blanket. Yes, I received a travel pouch of these the other day and wanted to see what the whole amount would do for my day. Instead of just injesting the entire thing at once, I took 2 of the gummy worms in the morning before breakfast. Two at lunch and the last one mid day. I also decided to take this on a normal working day as that offers the most stress during the week. In a quick summary, by the end of the day I was as chill as an eskimo by a warm fire. I guess CBD has different effects on people but with these I did not feel spacy or out of sorts at all. It was more like I was just fine with things as they were where typically I’ll have my mind racing from what happened during the day and what I need to do tomorrow.

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Savage CBD Oil Review

The following week I tried the 250mg Oil. This is an odd taste, unlike other Oil brands I have tried in the past. It was slightly fruity but had a warming element to it. Not overpowering at all. I think adding it to a fruit smoothie would be perfect if you don’t like taking oil straight under the tongue.

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