Saxx Underwear Review – Best Athletic Underwear?

Hey, guys so we partnered with Saxx Underwear to bring you this review.  Saxx is taking your everyday athletic underwear to the next level. I’ve actually been following Saxx Underwear personally on Instagram for about two years now, and over a year ago I got my first pair of Saxx underwear, so I’m kind of a huge fan.  What makes these guys a little different and give them the street cred that they kind of deserves.  About ten years ago, these guys in Canada started Saxx underwear and they were outdoorsmen so they’re hiking and moving a lot and they got a lot of like chafing and you know wear and tear in the nether regions of your sack. So hence Saxx underwear was born. These guys were like hey you know what every guy experiencing is this bad chafing this tight or too loose, and they were like how come you fix it like how can we make it for like the guy and not like the big corp cuts, and they really went down and dirty and they figured it out.

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Mesh Bands

Check this out is these little mesh band sides that they kind of just holds everything in place without squeezing. It’s really breathable because it’s mesh so you’re actually getting air through there versus it just being like hot. Like every guy knows like hot and steamy right? Everything that you don’t want these are gonna take away all that exactly I mean that’s what every pair of Saxx Underwear has these mesh bands that just kind of like cradle everything and keep everything in place. I mean getting in places they shouldn’t get where the chafing occurs and all that so I said I’ve been wearing them for about a week (a different pair of course) and I drive a lot and we drive daily and for long periods of time.  Like hour to an hour and a half typically.  I recently wore them in New York for Fashion Week and I never walked as much as when I’m in New York, so I probably did five miles a day in my underwear and you’re good to go.


Good For Exercising & A Suit

Every guy has their specific underwear that they use while exercising. You could go running in these and can also wear a suit. They hold everything in place at the gym and then they look stylish enough to go out on a date.  I didn’t realize they also did basics T-Shirts and trust me, once we got our hands on these t-shirts over here I don’t think I’m going back to any other white tees.  I like to wear white tees around the house just hanging out.

If you guys have never heard of Saxxx before they’re basically a brand of men’s underwear, and what makes them so special is what they call the ‘ballpark pouch’ and basically your boys sit nicely in this little mesh pouch and prevents a very common issue that all men face which is called BSL syndrome. It doesn’t work a hundred percent of the time like when you’re in kind of weird positions it can tend to slip out. However, it’s still better than any other underwear option out there right now.  The waistband is still very nice and taut and it really hasn’t lost much color from where it started. So you know with the exception of some very minor frame which is going to happen with all of your clothes on durability is actually really really good. So after purchasing the original six, I decided to get some of these longer leg ones now. I’m not the biggest fan of these because it’s just extra unnecessary fabric. I find that because the fabric is on the looser side it tends to write up a lot especially if you wear a bit more slim fitting jeans or pants. So personally I’m not the biggest fan of the longer leg ones, it just wasn’t for me. Next, I tried the kinetic boxers. Basically, these are meant to be more of a performance line but hands down these are my favorite boxers to wear. Whether it’s for working out at the gym or just daily life. They have a semi-compression so they fit very nicely to your body. I don’t know if that sounds weird but also because it has a semi-compression, I find that it rides up less.


Saxx Underwear Pricing:

The price Saxx usually range from thirty to forty dollars per pair which I know it sounds crazy to spend thirty to forty dollars on a pair of underwear but hear me out. Personally, I think it’s better to invest in a product that’s going to be lasting you years and years, rather than constantly buying cheap underwear over and over again. I know people have the same mentality when it comes to socks and things like that, so if you guys kind of think about it that way the price kind of balances out

In summary, I definitely do think Saxx are worth the investment.  They last for years and years without losing shape or color.

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