ShiKai CBD Cream Review

ShiKai is a premium company with an already established presence within the skin and hair care industry. The company focuses primarily on skincare and healthcare using ingredients such as borage having only recently pivoted to its first line of CBD healthcare products.

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ShiKai’s selection of CBD based topical creams are advertised with the following benefits:

  • The lack of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – one of the 113 cannabinoids in cannabis)
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Quick absorption
  • Purity and strength

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A Deep Dive Into The ShiKai CBD Cream Review

Who’s It For?

shikai cbd cream reviewThis product is targeted towards those with chronic pain, for immediate relief use on targeted areas of pain and aching. It can help those with multiple sclerosis and arthritis, as well as other debilitating long-term ailments that cause specific aches and pains.

It is also thought to help acne, so a topical cream like this could be very helpful for those who suffer particularly from bad skin in that way. The cream is also vegan, so is very useful for those who have that specific dietary requirement.

What We Like About ShiKai CBD Cream

ShiKai CBD Cream provides very quick pain relief when applied topically. It also has a very high efficacy rating according to independent source PureMarket, which includes in its efficacy rating any extra benefits it can provide. In this ranking, ShiKai’s CBD cream scores an A out of a total of A+.

To score an A implies that the CBD cream not only delivers on its promised effects but also grants some extra boons like an abundance of antioxidants or fatty acids. These extra benefits are definitely important when considering a CBD oil-based product.

What We Don’t Like About ShiKai CBD Cream Review

The same independent skincare comparison sites mentioned above do not quite concur with the boasts from ShiKai, however, with PureMarket ranking the product as only a C+ for purity, and with a C- for the accuracy of its labeling with the PureMarket grading system.

PureMarket’s grading system uses an A+ as its maximum score, a similar system to the United States’ school grading system. As a brand, ShiKai scores an overall “D-” from this independent comparison company, with the CBD cream scoring higher than ShiKai’s average with an overall B-.

The company rates it very highly for its efficacy, which corroborates our review’s experience and the experience of other users online, but it falls down on its purity rating (apparently including more metal content than the average would do, bringing down that purity score). Moreover, it apparently does not provide or contain all of the ingredients advertised by the contents on its label.


  • Fast-acting pain relief
  • A host of extra benefits
  • Vegan


  • The company itself has a relatively low ranking among independent reviewers for CBD products
  • Not as pure as advertised (a few too many metals)
  • Ingredients may not be exactly as listed

What’s Included?

ShiKai CBD cream does not include any THC, so it is non-psychoactive. It includes pure CBD isolate derived from hemp (250mg for 60ml of cream), seed oil, avocado oil, and shea butter. The product comes in a tub and can be purchased in 60ml standard tubs or as a double strength, 500mg/2 fluid oz version.

Overview Of Features

This is a topical cream from ShiKai’s range, a colorless and odorless cream that boasts no THC, vegan-friendliness, and top-quality purity. It is for use on targeted areas for maximum effects, and also claims to not be greasy and to be non-psychoactive. The CBD concentrate is mixed with avocado oil and shea butter to allow for non-oily absorption, alongside helping create a nice, smooth skin.

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Review Summary

In summary, ShiKai’s shea butter/avocado oil CBD oil cream is a fast-acting, well-rounded solution for ailments requiring that type of solution. It works well as a fast-acting pain relief but does not quite meet the purity quota that it advertises on its own product pages.

As a CBD product, it is not very expensive, but some of the issues it has may be symptomatic of a less experienced company experimenting with its first CBD product line.

A Deep Dive Into The ShiKai CBD Cream with Borage

Shikai cbd cream for skinWho’s It For?

This CBD cream bears similarity to the product reviewed above, but with one distinctive difference. It combines the ShiKai cream with an ingredient called Borage. Borage is an ingredient taken from the Borago officinalis plant, also known as the sunflower plant.

This active ingredient is known for its curative properties with issues like depression, poor urine flow, fever, and coughs. It was used to aid in curing issues like this due to its ability to halt inflammation of the lungs and encourage sweating.

Therefore, CBD oil with Borage as an active ingredient could be effective as a curative for people suffering from those issues.

ShiKai mainly advertises its range of borage products to those with extremely dry skin, so the moisturizing component is itself extremely useful.

What We Like About ShiKai CBD Cream with Borage

Without too much extra cost, the inclusion of the Borage component in this CBD cream is especially useful for aiding painful areas also affected by dry skin. Like the topical cream above, the Borage CBD cream is fast-acting for pain relief, with a wider range of utility with different topical ailments.

What We Don’t Like About ShiKai CBD Cream with Borage

If we turn once again to PureMarket’s analysis of the product, it performs even worse than the above ShiKai product. This scores below a B in every section of PureMarket’s ranking system, scoring a C+ in purity, D+ in nutrition, and scores the lowest possible grade, which is an F.

It is, unsurprisingly, very concerning that the product does not get any positive grading in how accurate its label is, and especially when it also scores poorly in how pure or nutritious it is. This would imply that any pain relief offered by the product may have some non-ideal side effects if the ingredients list is so incorrect.


  • Flexible curative suitable to address numerous issues
  • Also targets dry skin with moisturizing properties.


  • Scores very poorly among independent review sites.
  • Does not accurately portray its contents with its label.

What’s Included?

Like the regular CBD cream, ShiKai’s Borage version specifically does not include any THC to avoid any psychoactive properties some cannabinoids can contain. It also includes avocado oil, various seed oils, Borage seed oil, shea butter, and CBD isolate derived from hemp. This product can be purchased as both a one and two fluid ounces squeezy bottle of cream.

Overview Of Features

The cream claims to be vegan, soy, and gluten-free, with no psychoactive elements. The borage element is advertised within ShiKai’s product pages as being an aid for dry skin. It uses 125mg of CBD isolate per fluid ounce for the borage cream.

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Review Summary

While this product has some extra benefits your usual CBD cream may not offer in its integration with ShiKai’s more established Borage brand line – it seems to be not worth it when the numerous downsides are considered next to it. Products like this with untrustworthy labels and purity are not the best ones to be used, despite any extra claimed benefits.

A Deep Dive Into The ShiKai CBD+ Body Lotion

Who’s It For?

shikai cbd cream reviewShiKai’s CBD+ body lotion is meant for those with more holistic issues that CBD oil can provide relief for. Unlike the previous two, it is not designed for topical application on specific areas, but to cover larger portions of the body to provide relief.

As such, it might be more useful for chronic pain sufferers that have larger scale aches or pains, as opposed to those with specific areas of pain like arthritis sufferers.

It may also be of particular interest to those with dry or irritated skin over the entire body, as it is advertised on ShiKai’s website as having particular soothing qualities.

What We Like About ShiKai CBD+ Body Lotion

It includes a whole host of other ingredients relative to the standard CBD cream – all geared towards a smooth and soothing application across the body. Unlike the other creams, it is not geared towards topical application and can instead be used for soothing your entire body, which is a very handy thing for a product like this to do.

This is balanced by a less potent mixture of CBD so it can be applied more generously across the body, with other luxurious ingredients being substituted in place of some of the CBD that is not included.

What We Don’t Like About ShiKai CBD+ Body Lotion

Again, this lotion scores worse than the cream, which could be seen as a brand leader for the product, among independent reviews. PureMarket clocks this lotion in at a solid F, with even worse nutritional and purity results than the borage mixture.

It would seem that the extra luxury provided in some of the other premium ingredients mixed in here leave the lotion itself less potent, and less useful for its advertised purpose than one might expect.
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  • Soothing and luxurious extra ingredients
  • Supports whole-body application
  • Leaves skin with long-lasting softness


  • Less potent CBD mixture
  • An incredibly poor score on purity
  • An even lower score on the accuracy of ingredients

What’s Included?

ShiKai CBD Body lotion includes (if the label is to be fully believed), a fragrance-free lotion in a bottle of either 6 fluid oz or 2 fluid oz. A travel bottle of 1 fluid oz can also be purchased if required. The lotion is a mixture of apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, vitamin E supplement, aloe vera, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter.

Overview Of Features

The features given to this product by the ingredients are entirely focussed around a rich, silky, soothing feeling when applied topically to large areas of irritation or pain on the body. The shea and cocoa seed butter provide a smooth silky feeling to the skin after application. The avocado, apricot kernel, and other seed oils are utilized to ensure maximum nourishment to the areas of skin they are applied to. It also claims to provide quick and efficient absorption into the skin, so the user is not left with a sticky, oily, or greasy feeling after application.

Moreover, like the rest of the ShiKai brand, the product advertises its lack of animal testing, its refusal to use psychoactive THC elements, a completely animal-free and vegan recipe, and a lack of gluten, soy, or corn within its product.

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Review Summary

In summary of this ShiKai CBD cream review – and for this body lotion in particular – the results are not stellar. Although the base form of this cream has a really good efficacy rating, and may even provide extra benefits not listed by the product itself (such as the provision of extra fatty acids and antioxidants, the other products in its CBD range seem to be distinctly lacking.

This range of CBD products is certainly cheaper than a lot of other solutions out there, but it seems likely that the drop in price is indicative of a lack of purity and accuracy in the ingredients used. While this is not the worst crime a CBD brand can commit, it would certainly imply that of this product line, consumers would be best served by the standard ShiKai CBD cream.

This product is not perfect, but it is a cut above the others in the CBD range from ShiKai, a pre-established skin/hair care company making the first foray into CBD-based curatives. Consider purchasing the base product, but maybe stay away from the other offerings they have.

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