The Sour Space Candy CDD Flower Review – All You Need to Know

A Deep Dive Into The Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

Sour space candy CBD LogoCBD Hemp Flowers are all the rage these days. These plants have some very beneficial effects on the body and mind. They are famous for their soothing effects, as well as their anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties. They can help lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, and muscle pains. Additionally, they have a positive effect on overall mental health.

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Originating from the fields of Oregon, Sour Space Candy is one of the newest strains which is becoming increasingly prominent. It has a complex terpene profile, which is created by using a lot of heat. In fact, it is not particularly easy to grow the hemp flower as it has specific growth requirements.

Sour Space Candy is basically a cross between two popular strains, Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Bud. The resulting flavor is unique and is similar to a candied apple combined with sweet cherry and earthy tones. When it comes to its genetic makeup, this strain is mostly Sativa dominant. On average it contains 0.1% THC and 18.5% of CBD. It also has a high amount of anti-inflammatory terpene myrcene.

The medium to large-sized dense buds is a rich and colorful blend of green, purple, and orange. The Sour Space Candy is great for a mellowed out euphoria making it a good strain for social outings and adventures.

This strain has a number of compelling characteristics that make it a popular choice among users. Our Sour Space Candy CBD flower review explores this strain, who would benefit from it, the pros and cons, and our final thoughts on the product.

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Who’s It For?

The Sour Space Candy is suitable for flower-hemp enthusiasts who like to enjoy a relaxed sensation that takes you far away while also maintaining mental clarity and energy. It’s also a great option for a quick break in the middle of the day to feel nice and stress-free. Users suffering from muscle or joint pain will find this strain adequate for alleviating it. It also helps some people to increase their appetite.

It is not for those looking to get high as it is very mellow. This will also not give a very complex smoking experience. For anyone wanting to simply unwind in the day as a break, or looking to sleep better at night, can use this candy hemp strain and appreciate its effects.

Sour Space Candy is desirable for those who appreciate the distinct smell and taste. Anyone who likes lemony, peppery aromas would also like this strain.

Although it varies from individual to individual, this strain can generally be tolerated by both experts and beginners.

What We Like About Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

One main positive characteristic of Sour Space Candy CDB flowers is its versatility. It has a large and diverse base of users and it does not have a very specific target audience – so it’s generally suitable for everyone. The main purpose of the strain is to relax the mind and body while giving the user a complete sense of calm. At the same time, it is uplifting and improves focus. This strain is adequately good for all these purposes.

Secondly, the unique and popping taste and aroma are definitely becoming very popular among CBD users. The blend of berries, tropical fruits, and herbs finishing off with earthy tones is a nice combination. Many people find it unique, refreshing and has overall a non-offensive scent. Plus, the colorful appearance also has its own appeal.

What We Don’t Like About Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

While the smell and taste are generally liked, some people might not really appreciate it. The flavors can be too intense for some and it is a subjective experience based on the user’s personal preference.

One downside of the Sour Space Candy is how it has a tendency to feel harsh and dry and has quite a few stems in it. This has caused some users to feel irritation in their throat and esophagus. It can also be quite crumbly in the hands which can make it harder to roll.

One more problem is that the strain is quite weak. Furthermore, as it is mostly Sativa, it does not have much effect on the body. However, it still gives you the relaxation you need. Some users share that while the feeling is great, it is not very long-lasting.

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  • The unique sweet and sour blend makes it stand out from other strains
  • It is very mellow and keeps the mind clear
  • It has an effect of strong relaxation and calmness
  • It helps reduce anxiety
  • Has a very eye-catching aesthetic appeal due to multi-colored buds


  • It is often considered as a weak strain
  • The buds are dry and crumbly, may cause irritation or coughing
  • May give a couch-lock
  • The taste might not be for everyone
  • Smoking experience won’t be hard-hitting or complex for those who prefer it
  • Can be difficult to roll sometimes

What’s Included?

The Sour Space Candy CBD flower includes packaged buds. You can purchase the strain in the number of grams or ounces you would like.

The package only includes the buds, and no additional equipment such as a vape, pipe, or rolling paper.

Overview Of Features

A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, the Sour Space Candy delivers a unique sweet and sour flavor profile. The flavor will be similar to GG4 or Sour Diesel strains. It contains about 18.5% CBD and an average of 0.1% THC. The citrusy aroma becomes even more defined when you grind up the buds.

The main purpose of Sour Space Candy CBD flowers is to soar away any stress and put users in a state of relaxation while keeping them fresh and energetic. It is also a good hemp strain for managing anxiety levels or alleviating pains. Hence, it is suitable for both day and night use.

Review Summary

The Sour Space Candy CBD flower strain is very versatile for its multi-faceted purposes and wide target audience. You can expect to get a strong headrush followed by a complete state of calm and relaxation taking over your body. At the same time, it keeps you energetic. However, like any other strain, the effects can vary depending on the user. Some users have reported feeling drowsy and even lazy after consuming it. For the same reason, it works for many people in helping them sleep at night.

Although the burst of sour berry is loved by a majority of people, it all comes down to whether you appreciate this flavor profile.

One common critique is the dry buds of Sour Space Candy CBD flower, but we don’t think that’s a deal-breaker. Overall, it is a reasonable strain to try for those who wish to use it to unwind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are CBD Hemp Flowers?

A: Any beginner asks what exactly a hemp flower is. These are basically dried buds of a hemp plant. Compared to the cannabis plant, the hemp plant produces an extremely low amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and a higher amount of CBD (cannabidiol).

While THC gives a high and intoxicated feeling, CBD leans towards a more calm feeling, ideal for pain management.

Q: What is Sour Space Candy CBD Flower known for?

A: This particular strain is known for its’ sour berry bubblegum flavor with earthy tones and its’ relaxing effects

Q: Is Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Indica Dominant or Sativa Dominant?

A: Sour Space Candy CBD Flower also contains Indica but it leans towards being Sativa dominant.

Q: How is Hemp Flower different from CBD oil?

A: Hemp flower gives a more immediate effect compared to CBD oil which is why many people prefer it.

Compared to CBD oils that mostly have a grassy taste, Hemp Flower is known for its’ better taste.

Q: What is the best way to consume Hemp flowers?

A: One of the popular ways to consume Hemp flower is by smoking it in a bowl or a joint. But inhaling tobacco is always harmful. Hence, doctors recommend that the most effective and healthiest way to consume Hemp flower is vaporization.

You can use a dry herb vape to receive all the positive effects without the negative effects of smoking. It also delivers the effects quickly. Plus, it is easier to keep control on the dosage as you can measure the grams you use in the vape.

Q: Will CBD show up on a drug test?

A: Essentially you cannot fail a drug test for CBD, however, if there is more than trace amounts of THC then yes, you can potentially fail your drug test. If you still aren’t sure then read the product information.

Q: What is the difference between Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate?

A: Full spectrum CBD contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and can be extracted from marijuana subspecies. They have a high CBD content and hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD is essentially the same minus any THC (it has 0% THC!).
CBD isolates do not contain any other cannabinoids and are extracted from hemp flowers.

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