Sparx Skate Sharpener Review & Coupon Code – Sharpen Your Skates At Home!

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Ever wanted to sharpen your skates at home like you get from the pro shop? Well now you can with the Spark Do It Yourself Skate Sharpener Unit.

We will have a full detailed video review soon. Save time and money and always have a sharp pair of skates.

Sparx Hockey has transformed the way hockey gamers will hone their skates by cutting out the bulk of the procedure; going to the store to obtain blades sharpened. Rather, Sparx permits skaters to hone their skates at their own benefit at their own homes.

Colleen Coyne, marketing manager at Sparx, offered SportTechie insights into the production of Sparx.


To put it just, Sparx is an individual skate sharpener. Coyne described how there are few options for those wanting to get their skates honed; the process can be time consuming, and there are those who are not as proficient at sharpening skates. “Skates are such a vital part of the game, it seems like a threat you must not have to take, handing [your] skates over to someone who may not be very experienced at sharpening skates,” Coyne stated. Sparx lessens this risk by providing a much better result and a more convenient honing experience.

I’ve often wondered exactly what it would be like to have a skate sharpener in my own house. Would not it be terrific to just head out to the garage or down to the basement and hone your own skates? Or your kids skates? Or a buddies skates? You would be able to do it at any time you desire, that makes it exceptionally practical. You likewise would not be required to waste time waiting in line while other skates get sharpened ahead of yours. My last sharpening experience took 45 minutes! I would love to remove that wasted time.

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Sharpen Skates At Home

The Sparx Skate Sharpener is actually created to be utilized in your home, and with no trouble. It gives gamers an automated method to hone their skates at the expert level.

I’m exceptionally intrigued by this sharpening system, and desire I had a method to try it out. Nevertheless, the early riser price to obtain your hands on one truly isn’t that bad. At $899, you’re getting a sharpener, a grinding ring and a positioning tool, leaving you all set to sharpen your skates for anywhere from 35-50 sharpening prior to needing to replace the grinding ring.

If you live in a location that does not have a close hockey shop, or reliable sharpeners, this option might be best. Throw in the idea of sharpening a few teammates skates and you can begin to make back some of your cash too.

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