Review: Stryper ‘Fallen’ Is By Far The Most Powerful Album Yet From This Christian Act

Christian and Hard Rock usually don’t go together, that is unless you are in that scene. And of course right in the middle of the act is Stryper. These guys have been belting out Christ centered heavy music since the mid 80’s and are getting better with age. Now on their 11th full-length album, ‘Fallen’ is being claimed as their heaviest album to date.  Before we dive into the track listing (if you haven’t seen this already), take a quick peak at the tuning that was used on the majority of the songs (if not all of them). This guitar tutorial goes through the track ‘Big Screen Lies’.

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As you can see there is a new sounds with still the familiar Stryper vibe to it. I loved the intro to Unchained which give you the idea of the tone being used.

OK now onto the tracks:

    • Yehweh – Epic!! is what comes to mind and a total killer track to open the album.  I imagine that Clint Lowery of Sevendust has some major influence over this song since he was brought it to co-write it.  Starts off like your in church, then it drops the hammer to put you into full metal mode. The message and meaning of this track was inspired by The Passion Of The Christ movie with the story of Jesus Christ and his final days and who Yahweh represents. Instead of me explaining all this, just listen to it here

    • Fallen – Kaboom! What a great pickup after Yahweh. As you are still buzzing over what you just heard, this one keeps you up there.

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    • Pride – I surrender!.  Usually you get a break for a few minutes on rock albums with tracks you can just play in the background. Not so with this 3rd track. You are still getting shredded, and I love it.

    • Big Screen Lies – OK for me this is where I finally got a break. While the song is good and crunchy I was not really into the chorus on this tune.

    • Heaven – A pleasant song in the middle of the pack to keep you revving but nothing out of this world. Perfect to have 20 minutes in to chill for a bit.
    • Love You Like I Do – This is the throwback cut on the album with flashes of the classic 80s metal sound. Great song to play loud and proud.
    • All Over Again – The ‘ballad’ of the album. Not really what you would expect from a ‘ballad’ of old, but this one satisfies as a ‘ballad’ in 2015. No cheese in this, let’s call it beer & cheese which is more satisfying.
    • After Forever – Remake of the Black Sabbath track. Now before you get all jumpy and criticize the band for covering a Black Sabbath tune, you need to listen to the words of the song. Sounds like Stryper wrote this way back then and the wrong band made it. Also shows that the band is not judging anyone and everyone can be saved in the eyes of God.
    • Till I Get What I Need –  Ramping it back up.  Keeps you moving but to me this one will get old over time.
    • Let There Be Light – Catchy! Best way to round this one up. This one sticks with you during the day and that’s a good thing.

  • The Calling – Nice! Great song to lead into the end of an overall satisfying rock experience.
  • King Of Kings – Zesty! Now this is a way to close out an awesome set which made me want to start the ride over again.

This is by far their best work to date and the full album is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Like being at a concert where every song is awesome to listen to, from the Epic beginning track to the awesome closer. This full album will be on mandatory playlist for sure.

If you want to vote to make this the most anticipated release of 2015, you can do so here.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 5 for the genre in general and 5 out of 5 in regards to Strypers collective work to date.

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Michael Sweet – vocals, guitars
Robert Sweet – drums
Tim Gaines – bass guitar
Oz Fox – guitars


What song do you like the best so far on this album? Discuss below…….

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