Stryper – God Damn Evil Review & Tracklist

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Stryper – God Damn Evil Review & Tracklist
Stryper – God Damn Evil Review & Tracklist
Take It To The Cross
Own Up
The Devil Doesn't Live Here

Track List for God Damn Evil: (Stryper 2021)

  1. Take It To The Cross
  2. Sorry
  3. Lost
  4. God Damn Evil
  5. You Don’t Even Know Me
  6. The Valley
  7. Sea Of Thieves
  8. Beautiful
  9. Can’t Live Without Your Love
  10. Own Up
  11. The Devil Doesn’t Live Here

Review of Stryper God Damn Evil Album

The release date is April 20, 2018 but we got an early listen so we can bring you this review.

Initial feeling after the 1st listen all the way through. YES!

Starts off with a kick in the face with Take It To The Cross. Something completely out of left field for Stryper. I love it since faster paced is my groove. I can see that some may not care for it. It’s really different.

Take It To The Cross

First listen to rating: 4.5/5

The sweet opener, then….. wait for the chorus. There it is…

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This one could have easily fit onto the Fallen album. Groovy intro, and groove tune all around. Very catchy mid-tempo song. A good second song.


Another mid to up tempo song. Awesome bass groove in this one. Very memorable chorus.

God Damn Evil

OMG 🙂 another groove tune. Bluesy, hard rock. Compare it to Against The Law. Chunky, meaty, delicious. Not sure if I want to walk around and sing this one though unless the listener knew the rest of the story.

You Don’t Even Know

Slower tempo melodic rock. Along the lines of No More Hell To Pay but not a punchy. Awesome solo though. It picks up the pace in the 3rd act. Kinda wish the whole song was faster paced.

The Valley

Eery opener with one of my favorite quotes. The title will tell you which. 🙂 What can I say, the riff really brings you into this one. Finding a theme here with grooves. Reminds me of ‘Sorry’ which I just heard 10 minutes ago.

Sea of Thieves

Groove in a different way on this one. A different tune for Stryper overall. But the chorus is fun, probably one of my favorites on the album. Not sure about the rest of it yet.


Awesome melodic rock similar to Fallen. One of the Top Shelf tracks on the album for sure.  Groove drum intro, reminds me of Ozzy’s The Ultimate Sin. I feel good after this one.

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Can’t Live Without Your Love

Power ballad like what you would find in the 80s but updated to work for today. Not sappy like First Love.

Own Up

Heavy groove hard rock.  I think I’m putting this as my #3 favorite on the album. Super catchy.

The Devil Doesn’t Live Here

Another fun drum intro, heavy fast paced melodic rock. This is the way to end an album. I would say that this is Stryper’s version of Metallica’s Spit Out The Bone.

This record is being touted as being the bands most bold effort to date. The albums name surely is setting the tone in that direction. I loved Fallen and this surely tops that album as all of the tracks are good on their own. Combined makes this a fun ride from beginning to end.

My overall rating is a 4.5 out of 5. If you like Stryper then this is a must. If you are new to Stryper then this would be a good one to start with.

9 Total Score
Best Stryper Album To Date

I was skeptical that this would be their 'best to date' because all bands say they have created their best when a new album is getting released. Well they were right and I agree. This one is fun from start to finish.

Album Legnth
Slower Paced/Ballads
  • Take It To The Cross
  • Lost
  • Own Up
  • The Devil Doesn't Live Here
  • Parts of Sea Of Thieves. Chorus is good, the rest seems a bit off for me.
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