Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Review – From F*ck This to Ahhhhh

Sunday Scaries is a company out of San Diego, CA that makes high-quality CBD Gummies and Tinctures. I got a bottle of these the other day and wanted to share my experience. Over the past year and a half now, it seems that there are new CBD gummy makers popping up on the scene every week. With all the options out there it can be hard on what products actually contain not only quality CBD, but also contain the amount of CBD that is claimed on the bottle. We’ve seen both the good and the bad so far. But Sunday Scaries have been making a name for themselves by doing things the right way. From customer service to ensure they are offering the best quality CBD gummie you can find on the market. I was really impressed with the overall process and follow up to my questions. I really feel like I’m part of the cool kids club here where they welcome anyone interested in a product that helps reduce anxiety and give a chill feeling.

A short background on myself. Yes, I do get anxiety and from time to time it acts up, mainly in social situations and greatly in a group setting. I like to work by myself with little to no distractions. This is my ‘zone’ where ideas flow and I can actually get stuff done. Now don’t get me wrong, I can handle almost any situation outside of the house but there is always that tension while in public and in group settings.  I started my CBD journey about a year ago trying different oils, edibles, and topicals. Thus I started writing here on Reviewster to help spread the word about the miracle of CBD. Okay, enough about me, just wanted to set the stage on why I consider CBD gummies an essential part of the day. 🙂

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A Quick Look at Sunday Scaries Gummies

Just like taking vitamins in gummy form, these CBD edibles are fun and look just like their candy counterpart. Well, mainly because they are, but these are just infused with CBD oil. Simple ingredient list with nothing extra added because it’s not needed. I typically like to start off the day with 2 gummies to see what effect it offers and for how long. The Sunday Scaries taste just like the typical sour gummy bears that you would buy in a candy store. There is no metallic aftertaste and these are not oily like some others I have tried. At the end of the day I can say that these were pretty effective since I had a meeting I had to attend to on this particular day and I felt fine during the whole thing.

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Ingredients in Sunday Scaries Gummies

What can I say, Impressive….Most Impressive

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Infused – Not Sprayed or dripped
  • B12 for long-lasting energy and regulation of the nervous system
  • D3 for boosting your immune system
  • Coconut Oil for a quick boost of energy
  • Pure Cane Suger – no corn syrup like Bud Light..haha

They also offer a Vegan Gummy that offers the same ingredients as the original Sunday Scaries but with no gelatin. They offer the same amount of CBD and Vitamins, just lack the bone marrow powder if you’re not into that sort of thing.

The pricing of the Sunday Scaries Gummies are around $40 but we have secured a promo code that will take off 20%. Use: reviewster during checkout for the discount.

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Note: Please don’t base this review to replace any anxiety medication you may already be taking. CBD is still being tested but many are seeing positive results. Always consult with your medical professional before making any serious dietary or supplement change.

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Check Out Sunday Scaries Gummies Here

9 Total Score
Sunday Scaries Gummies Review

Not only to they taste good, but they are affective as well.

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  1. I have tried these as my son writes for a food magazine and received samples from many different CBD companies. Hands down, they work well for anxiety and help with sleep. I am sold.

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