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Top 6 Cloud-Gaming Sites

cloud gaming sites

Those who aren’t particularly computer savvy likely only know cloud computing as a modern data-storage system for computer. But the idea of cloud-based serves extends beyond the world of data into other areas as well, namely the world of gaming. Cloud gaming allows users to stream from whole libraries of games that are stored on off-site servers. This is a very easy and efficient way for habitual gamers to get their fix.

And because there is such a high demand cloud gaming, there are many sites that offer all the newest titles for a variety of platforms, including both PC and Mac computers. Here is a list of some of the best sites to visit to stream games.

Onlive allows streaming of top-tier games to a variety of devices, such as TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets. After a free signup, users can demo any game in Onlive’s library with no commitment to buy. Should users decide to stream the full game, they have a variety of options from renting to purchase. Onlive also offers bundled game packages for a monthly fee. Visit Onlive

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Sony Computer Entertainment’s site has been around for some time, working with video-game publishers to deliver one of the most comprehensive cloud gaming libraries around. The site boasts over 50 million users per month. It offers monthly plans and features a variety of demos, software applications and top game titles like “Call of Duty.” Visit Gaiki

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Those who have jumped on the Smart TV bandwagon and would like to stream some games can do so with GameTree TV. Users can rent or purchase games and they are delivered right to the TV with the push of a button on the remote. As far as on-demand gaming straight to the telvesion is concerned, this site is the best option. Visit GameTreeTv

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Those who have an IPTV set-top box in their home may want to consider streaming games from this site. G-cluster offers over 200 licensed games as well as over 15 live titles that can turn any IPTV box into a fully integrated gaming console.

Sample Game: is a site that offers a comprehensive selection of applications — from office suites to audio production to games — that allows users to launch them right from their desktop without installation. The site features over 1,000 gaming titles and offers a free plan up to 1GB of use. After that the site charges by the month.

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Ubitus has been delivering cloud-based media services for some time, now they are at the forefront of cloud gaming as well. Ubitus offers game streaming from any device as well as continuous gameplay from different devices. They provide instant access to some of the most popular games, all in crisp 1080p graphics.

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These are just some of the sites and services gamers will want to check out if they are thinking about embracing the cloud. These sites all offer a number of titles at a variety of pricing plans for a large selection of platforms, so there should be something here to meet even the most ardent of.

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