TrueBliss Pure CBD Detailed Review – Features, Pricing & More

This TrueBliss CBD review puts this supplement under the microscope and looks at all the good and the bad that it has to offer.

A Deep Dive Into The TrueBliss Pure CBD

CBD is a phytocannabinoid which means that it is extracted from hemp, and is slightly related to… you know it, cannabis. Actually, it is directly related to it, as it can be extracted from cannabis or from other types of hemp. If your doctor recommended you to take CBD, you can relax, it contains none of the psychoactive THC. It is a completely different chemical with no side effects, but with many health benefits.

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Let’s take a look at what CBD is, how it was discovered, and why it is extremely useful.

Cannabidiol was discovered back in 1940 and since then it has been deeply studied for its many properties and benefits.

Actually, it is hypothesized that a long time ago, hemp was used as medicine and not just for its psychoactive properties. Pot, also called Cannabis sativa, is as old as time. Evidence suggests that it goes back as far as 3000 years BC. There is factual evidence that 2,500 years ago, cannabis was used as a drug but it’s unclear if those who used it were aware of its medicinal properties.

Witchdoctors and healers used it for thousands of years and CBD might be the actual active ingredient that they used it for as it proved to relieve pain in both animals and humans. Furthermore, some evidence suggests that it was used even back then to treat anxiety… even if they didn’t call it that.

TrueBliss Pure CBD

In 1900, Cannabis Sativa became an over-the-counter medicine that was recommended for nausea, cough, and rheumatic pain, arthritis and even labor pains. There were no long-term side effects known and the high dissipated fast. Yes, you didn’t see it wrong. They offered Marijuana to pregnant women when they were delivering their babies.

A few decades later, the short and medium-term side effects like chronic bronchitis, psychosis, and other disorders caused the use of Cannabis sativa to become illegal, and it was banned as medicine.

Going forth in time, we arrive at the discovery of the properties of cannabidiol and of the health benefits that it brings.

CBD can be used to alleviate different kinds of pain, manage anxiety and depression, and as an adjuvant in different muscle and neurological diseases (like Parkinson and fibromyalgia), Also it was proven useful for gastric tract issues and, in a very specific type of Epilepsy, it had remarkable effects.

Luckily, science and modern medicine have worked together and they found a way to separate CBD from the cannabis plant, so today we can enjoy only the benefits of this ancient herb.

TrueBliss Pure CBD is a pure CBD extract that has made it its mission to improve the life of the people who use it by using some of the purest ingredients that were not compromised by the use of chemicals.

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Who’s It For?

TrueBliss Pure CBD is for people who need a bit of help with certain issues like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Pain

The list could go on since pure CBD has been found to bring serious improvements to different conditions.

Let’s focus on the most common issues on this list:

A study on the effects of CBD on anxiety showed that no matter the source of your anxiety TrueBliss Pure CBD might be helpful for you.

Probably one of the most well-known facts about cannabidiol is the fact that it helps manage pain. There are many theories that affirm that in ancient times this was hemp’s main use.

Studies have also found that pain is lowered by reducing inflammation but also by interacting with receptors found in the nervous system.

There are many types of pain that can be treated with CBD. One study focused on patients with neuropathic pain due to multiple sclerosis, a serious condition, showed that: CBD was effective without the patient developing tolerance to the supplement. This is great news because this means that patients didn’t have to increase the dose in order to minimize pain.

Migraines and arthritis, cancer pain, and chronic pain are all in this category and can be improved by using the right kind of CBD supplement.

Nausea is another one of those things that massively influence your life. You will not realize how much it affects you until you don’t have it anymore.

No matter the type of nausea CBD oil seems to considerably improve it. There are many studies that point towards it in regards to post-chemotherapy nausea, but it also seems to improve symptoms caused by gallbladder problems.

Therefore, TrueBliss Pure CBD is for people who want to get better and who are suffering from any of the conditions listed above, or from conditions deriving from these.

What We Like About TrueBliss Pure CBD

One of the most important things that we like to promote is the purity of the ingredients.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to know exactly what we can find in a certain product because due to highly industrialized agriculture toxins tend to be absorbed by plants and result in a product that is contaminated with toxins.

We really like that TrueBliss Pure CBD uses plants from organic agriculture, meaning that they stay away from pesticides and chemicals that can interfere with the health benefits, or even worse do more harm than good.

We also like that it is easy to administer because it comes with an eyedropper that lets you control the exact quantity of the oil that you ingest.

We mostly like it for its effects. There is nothing that can compare with having nagging pain disappear or with getting a good night’s sleep after having insomnia for a few days.

What We Don’t Like About TrueBliss Pure CBD

We would like it to prove that it was laboratory tested. There aren’t many supplements that can do that, but when you find one with this type of warranty, it definitely makes you happy.

It would definitely be better if the CBD concentration was higher since that would mean that you would need to use less of it with a better, stronger effect.

Finding the right supplement is difficult and finding the perfect CBD supplement is even more challenging. Therefore, we will give you a list of the pros and cons of TrueBliss Pure CBD in order to help you decide which is the right choice for your lifestyle and your particular needs.


  • It will help you sleep better;
  • It is easy to dose;
  • The bottle is nice and dark, meaning that it is protected from premature oxidation;
  • It will help ease most pains;
  • It helps manage depression and anxiety
  • It will make nausea disappear


  • It doesn’t have a very high concentration;
  • On very rare occasions, there are side effects from using it. People with liver disease need to look into adjusting the dose and using a bit less.

What’s Included?

TrueBliss Pure CBD comes in a little brown bottle with a beautiful white label. The writing is green, as a tribute to their dedication to using only organically farmed hemp plants.

The cap doubles as an eyedropper that can help you take the right dose of the supplement in accordance to your needs.

Overview Of Features

TrueBliss Pure CBD is a cannabidiol supplement that was created from organic plants with the purpose to make people feel better. This applies to both the physical and the psychological level as it is useful in treating depression and anxiety but also pain, inflammation, and nausea.

Stress is a factor in our everyday life and TrueBliss Pure CBD addresses it by improving conditions that directly influence our stress level.

It comes with the added benefit of containing no trace of chemicals that could influence its quality and our body.

Moreover, you don’t need to do anything except buying the product. There are other liquid supplements that don’t come with an eyedropper to facilitate administration. People who use those supplements either buy an eyedropper, after a trip to the pharmacy or use a teaspoon, which poses the risk of wasting a lot of product.

Sadly, this supplement can’t post a laboratory-tested logo on its label. Therefore, we can’t be 100% positive about its effects, even if the ingredients are pure.

Moreover, we all like to use a little and have a great effect. However, we can’t say that this is the case here, as there are stronger products than this one.

check price of TrueBliss Pure CBD

Review Summary

All in all, we can recommend TrueBliss Pure CBD because we believe that pure ingredients are important and because we like how they placed the client first and thought about how people like you and me are going to take the supplement.

However, we would love it if it was richer in CBD. So, if you are new at supplementing with CBD, and you aren’t exactly sure what you want, but you know that you want a clean product, TrueBliss Pure CBD might be a good choice for you.

If you know exactly what you want and how to manage a CBD supplement, then we would recommend you look for something stronger, because there are products on the market that have three times as much CBD as this one does.


Does TrueBliss Pure CBD cause a positive drug test?

Absolutely not. As we have explained in the first part of this review, the CBD is extracted from hemp and is a safe, non-addictive compound that has nothing to do with THC, which is what drug tests look for.

Can TrueBliss Pure CBD lower my blood glucose?

CBD doesn’t directly lower blood glucose. However, it can help bring it down by interacting with other systems. Most people tend to overeat due to depression or anxiety. This in turn leads to higher blood glucose, which can cause many other health problems.

Will it lower my blood pressure?

The short answer is yes. Studies have shown that using one large dose of CBD reduced blood pressure in people who also had a high heart rate.

Can I take TrueBliss Pure CBD when I am pregnant?

This supplement wasn’t tested on pregnant women, nor were other CBD supplements. Therefore, like with all medication, before taking any medication or supplements during pregnancy you should always consult with a physician.

Can I take TrueBliss Pure CBD when I am breastfeeding?

Even if you used to take this supplement before becoming pregnant, you still should talk to your doctor before using it while breastfeeding. There is insufficient evidence to attest to its safety for your baby.

Can I give TrueBliss Pure CBD to my dog?

Yes, but you should still ask your vet.

There are many studies that show the efficacy of CBD oil on canines. One study in particular, showed that it can lower pain from osteoarthritis in dogs, and it concludes that: it is both safe and efficient to use CBD in order to manage arthritic pain in dogs.

Can I take this supplement when I am severely depressed?

Yes, there is a lot of evidence that supports the use of CBD to treat depression backed up by studies that concluded CBD has helped in the treatment of people suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions among which: depression, post-traumatic stress, different types of phobia, addiction, and even bipolar disorder.

However, it is important to also ask for help. Don’t be afraid to take your supplement and then call a helpline to talk to a therapist.

For more questions, feel free to contact the producer of TrueBliss Pure CBD and to email them all your queries.


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