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When it comes to mattresses, “one size fits all” definitely does not apply. If you’re looking for the familiar comfort of a quality hybrid mattress combined with unique and ingenious features, Tuck mattress fits the bill. Each Tuck mattress is 100% customizable according to your needs, comes with an 11-year warranty (a longer period than the 10-year period most manufacturers allow), and boasts materials made out of REPREVE®, a yarn made out of recycled water bottles (roughly 24 bottles per mattress cover, so you get to sleep easy knowing you’ve helped the environment).


With the help of experts on sleep science, Tuck has made available through their website a quick survey or “Sleep Test” you must answer to assess your specific body and sleeping preferences. Your input will be used to engineer the perfect mattress for you and/or your sleeping buddy if you’re buying dual comfort – the design takes into consideration your companion’s information (and you get to pick your side of the bed). It’s manufactured in the U.S., so you can be assured of top-notch craftsmanship, good customer support and quick product delivery.

Okay, so you might be thinking that shopping online for something as personal as a mattress may not be a good idea, but it’s different with Tuck. After all, we could go around different shops to get an actual feel of every mattress they have in stock and still end up tossing and turning in bed. And by the time we’re used to the discomfort, we forget that the mattress we’re using is doing our spinal alignment more harm than good. You can eliminate all that by ordering a Tuck mattress online at www.trytuck.com. You can click on “Customize Now” and the site will take you to the survey with which your mattress design will be engineered. Once you’ve filled in your information, you will see a summary of your tailor-fit mattress features and cost. Clicking on “Buy Now” would take you to the billing page where you enter your shipping information (must be within the United States), then the payment page to choose your method of payment – credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal or Blispay for financing options. Finally, an overview of your transaction is provided for your reference. Shipping is absolutely free. Once your order is placed, allow 1 business day for Tuck to build your mattress, 3 days for it to properly set, 2 additional days if you’ve chosen the dual comfort option, and once it’s picked up by UPS it may take 2-5 business days before arriving at your doorstep.

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Once your package arrives, it may be best to find a buddy to help you set it up because of the weight (a king size weighs 135-145 lbs.). The packaging is compact considering the actual size of the mattress, but that’s because Tuck has compressed it from the original 11” height to a 1” thickness for easier handling. The box dimensions are 17” x 17” x 45” (comes with handles to make it easier to carry) and inside you will find the compressed mattress heat-sealed, folded in half, rolled and wrapped in plastic, together with instructions. If I only have one complaint about the Tuck Mattress it is this. For the life of me, I have no idea why the King size does not have handles on the sides. This thing weighs a ton and moving it is quite awkward with two people as these memory foam mattresses tend to fold up a bit while moving.

Once you’ve removed the final layer of plastic covering, the mattress will inflate and you may experience minimal off-gassing (when the mattress gives off a chemical odor) but this is normal with boxed mattresses, especially those with memory foam. The smell should be gone after a few hours but you can give it more time to breathe if you’re more sensitive to odors (about 12 hours will do).

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How does a Tuck mattress really perform in the bedroom? Here’s the verdict:

  • Comfort – 4.9/5

The Tuck mattress makes use of its hybrid design very effectively. The top layer has gel memory foam that adapts your body contours while the subsequent layers of latex and coil support systems allow for just the right bounce and firm support (roughly 5-7 on the firmness scale). The firmness is relative to your Sleep Test results, but overall it has a luxurious feel that hugs you just right. It’s comfortable regardless of whether you are a side or back sleeper. (Tips: Your Tuck mattress does not need to and should never be flipped – you’ll want the cushioned side up. Use a mattress protector to keep the cover clean and undamaged. The cover could be washed but it may shrink and as it fits the mattress tightly you may find it difficult to put back on properly.)

As a whole, hybrid mattresses can supply a really high level of performance. The Tuck mattress is developed with solid products, and it’s general layout factors towards a mattress that must supply a strong combination of convenience and also assistance. The personalization based upon outcomes of a sleep quiz could even more enhance these advantages.


  • Motion Isolation – 4.8/5

This one’s a bit tricky because the disruptiveness of the vibrations on your mattress would depend largely on how easily you are roused from sleep (the Sleep Test for your mattress design would take this into consideration). You may find that you are bothered by the motions more than others, but generally, the vibrations on the Tuck mattress aren’t too disruptive as they are being reduced by the layers of foam and the fabric coating of the coils within it (a feature that isn’t available across all mattresses).

  • Cooling – 4.8/5

Like motion isolation, the cooling feature of the Tuck mattress is influenced by your personal preference and experience (again, you can expect this from the Sleep Test). Tuck designs the top layers with memory foam infused with cooling gel, but this gel also has copper in it. This means that the gel acts as a cooling agent while the copper uniformly distributes heat at the same time, giving you a balanced temperature no matter the weather (even when you normally sleep with icy feet).

  • Edge support – 5/5

With a Tuck mattress, you definitely won’t have to worry about the feeling of “rolling out of the bed” as it sports a very durable steel coil lining its perimeter. It gives you a very stable feel when you sit on it and put on your socks in the morning.

We also tested this mattress on a Lineal Adjustable Base.  As you can see in the picture, it does fold and bend quite nicely. The ‘footer’ does come off off the base as expected, but while you are in the bed it all gets pushed back into place without feeling like you are forcing it back into place.

  • Price – 4.8/5

Okay, so it’s not as cheap as your regular foam mattress, but for good reason. Your customized, hybrid Tuck mattress uses high quality and luxury materials. Shipping is completely free and you can opt for financed payment. Don’t forget the 11-year warranty and the very generous 145-night trial period. Return and exchange terms are also very customer friendly. Tuck will even help you arrange your mattress donation (local charity or non-profit organization). On top of that, Tuck offers a Referral Program where your friend can get $75 off of their mattress price while you get a $75 Amazon gift card.

Testing has shown that within 7 nights your Tuck mattress may already be broken in, but it’s still best to give it at least 30 nights for more accurate findings.

Overall, it’s a solid 4.86 – definitely worth a shot.

We tested this mattress with these accessories that you may want to consider

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About the Tuck Mattress

Tuck Mattress Specifications

The Tuck mattress has 6 various layers that might be associated with the construction of the mattress. When you place your order, you take a sleep examination that assesses just what type of feeling could be best for you. The end result of the rest test allows the company to identify the exact composition of the different layers as well as their family member density for each and every mattress that is marketed.

A review of the different layers is below:

  • Copper-infused gel memory foam with a thickness of 3.5 PCF as well as IFD of 5-15.
  • Dunlop latex with a density of 3 PCF as well as IFD of 6.5-15.5.
  • 1,386 fabric-encased micro-coils.
  • 6″ fabric-encased stolen coil assistance core– In the queen mattress, there are 1,037 coils Higher-gauge coils (called Quantum Side) are used around the exterior of the mattress.
  • Change polyfoam with a thickness of 1.8 PCF as well as IFD of 22-38.
  • Assistance polyfoam with a thickness of 1.8 PCF and an IFD of 41-62.
  • Tuck coils.

Where Is The Tuck Mattress Manufactured?

The Tuck mattress is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy The Tuck Mattress?

At this point in time, the best place to buy Tuck is on their website because there is a series of questions for you to answer so that you get a total customized mattress for your sleep style.

What Is The Tuck Mattress Return Policy?

Tuck deals a prolonged sleep trial of 145 days. They ask for that you attempt the mattress for 30 evenings before initiating a return. During the test duration, if you make a decision that you are not satisfied with the mattress, you could donate it to a local charity. If you show the donation receipt to Tuck, they will certainly supply a full reimbursement. Alternatively, if you can not locate a local charity to whom you could give away the mattress, Tuck will certainly work to coordinate pick-up of the mattress for contribution. The Tuck mattress has a warranty that lasts 11 years, 1 month, and 1 day. Throughout this service warranty duration, the firm will certainly fix or change any kind of mattress with problems in materials or craftsmanship. You could assess the complete service warranty terms at https://www.trytuck.com/warranty/.


Shipment of the Tuck mattress is cost-free within the United States. The mattress is created upon order, with the customization procedure taking about 5 service days. The mattress is after that shipped using UPS.

There is no setup or installment associated with the shipment of the mattress. Rather, the mattress is pressed and also secured in plastic product packaging and then shipped to your front door in a box As soon as you eliminate the mattress from the product packaging, it unwinds. It must reach its full size and also suppleness within a few hrs.


Being used both sustain foams and also innerspring coils, the Tuck mattress has the type of base that can be expected to supply a large amount of supportiveness. These strong base layers could help ensure that the mattress really feels strong as well as does not have powerlessness. Making use of microcoils, latex, and/or memory foam in the convenience layers (relying on the sleep test outcomes) could better the overall support degree of the mattress. Memory foam, which forms the leading layer, is especially reliable at replying to stress factors and also contouring to adjust to sleeper’s body.

In addition, the firm strengthened the innerspring coils around the outside of the mattress, which must improve side assistance relative to numerous other cushions on the market.

Based on the materials that are included in the Tuck mattress, we have solid need to believe that it will stand up well with time as well as with regular usage. Each of the foams satisfies or exceeds our minimum criteria for thickness, and also the innerspring coils and also microcoils additionally seem constructed with high-quality materials.

The Tuck mattress is customized for each and every individual order based on the outcomes of a rest quiz on the firm’s internet site. Consequently, the specific suppleness level can vary, but in general, the Tuck mattress can be expected to drop in between a 5-7 on the normal suppleness scale.

Movement Transfer
The top layer of the Tuck mattress makes use of memory foam, which typically has the best motion seclusion residential or commercial properties of any kind of comfort layer. Part of the rest test for customization also includes an evaluation of exactly how sensitive the customer is to activity, as well as the mattress can be changed as necessary. Because of this, we do not anticipate most sleepers to have any kind of problems with movement transfer on the Tuck mattress.

New mattress scents are most typical when a mattress has been compressed for delivery; however, the Tuck mattress does not have a big quantity of memory foam, which is generally the perpetrator for the most odorous bed mattress.

Resting Hot
A lot of customers do not find that crossbreed mattresses like the Tuck sleep hot. This is since the innerspring core helps to prevent a person from penetrating the mattress. The latex in the comfort layer could add resiliency that also prevents this sort of sinking. The memory foam in the leading convenience layer makes use of copper-infused gel memory foam. Several customers find this type of foam aids keep them cool down, although reviews generally are blended concerning its impact.

Likewise, part of the personalization test for each and every mattress entails assessing a consumer’s regular sleep temperature level and then making changes to try to prevent any excess warmth retention concerns.

There countless layout components in the Tuck mattress– innerspring coils, microcoils, and also a latex layer– that could all be anticipated to deliver sufficient strength as well as bounce to assist in sex. While there are not enough validated reviews to resolve this conclusively, we do not expect most customers to have any type of issues with the Tuck mattress disrupting sex.

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