TunnelBear VPN Review

TunnelBear is a very slick and minimalist VPN carrier, who intends to offer an excellent quality service to those with hardly any understanding. Because their last evaluation they have actually also carried out some advanced functions, to help those with a couple of more needs. Total TunnelBear is a terrific value for money service with the most attractive & amusing mindset we have actually ever seen.

Pricing & Plans

Like many other companies TunnelBear provides the very same package, with enhancing price discounts the longer you register for– though just 2 variations– regular monthly and annual. They also have a ‘Little Bear’ variation which is totally free, and works similar to the Giant and Grizzly strategies however with a 500MB download limitation. With regards to price, TunnelBear certainly offers an extremely competitive service with hardly any compromise. If you are using the totally free variation you can also get an additional 1GB download limit by tweeting about them.

They likewise state you can pay with Containers of Honey, while we understood it was a joke, we ‘d see if they ‘d follow through– and they did! To find out more about this, you will need to call them to obtain the existing ‘Container of Honey’ to USD exchange rate. While if implemented correctly, this is more protected then BitCoin, it does not come out really cost effective, so we wouldn’t advise utilizing it.

Video Testimonial

We have actually previously made a video review of TunnelBear. We have upgraded the review ever since so ensure you read it, in order to find out about some of the terrific changes they have made.


Canada based TunnelBear, with its imaginative media and easy to utilize strategy, is certainly aimed at daily consumers. Their puns and designs certainly produce a friendly method, and luckily concealed behind it, is a good quality service.

They have servers in 9 well situated nations all of which offer items speeds. Though they are go for the everyday user their security isn’t really lacking. They offer OpenVPN connections, extremely minimal logging and possibly the most extensive Personal privacy Policy we have actually seen! Regrettably, to be able to do this, they have had to jeopardize and no P2P is permitted.

Security & Personal privacy

TunnelBear primarily supplies a 128bit OpenVPN connection, while not as good as 256bit, the possibility of it being broken are close to none, and it helps optimise connection speeds. For iOS devices they utilize IPSec, which is more suitable on Apple gadgets. They also utilize shared IPs to assist secure your identity.

While they aren’t a real ‘no-logs’ service, they are as close as you could pawsibly get. Checking out their PP you can see everything they collect, their reasoning behind it, and how they use it. From this you can plainly see, that they cannot make use of any of details they gather to personally recognize you– in any possible method.

The website

The TunnelBear site is effectively laid out, with a clean and friendly user interface, and “bearly” any puns … Roar. They are keen to highlight the ease of use and Twitter discounts, all significant details is easily found and their social networking is kept well up to date, with important details about their advancements clearly displayed.


TunnelBear has a basic but great assistance online forum, which assisted answer a few of our more fundamental concerns. We also tested the Ticket Support and found the team to be extremely koala-fied and while the speed had not been ultra immediately, it was absolutely appropriate and we always received a reply with 24 hours.

The Process

Signing Up

Registering with Tunnelbear is the bees knees and only needs a username and password. If you sign up for their larger plans, you will naturally have to supply info more, so that they can process your payment.

The Windows VPN customer

The TunnelBear Client, in it’s default state, is very simple to use; picked the area and click On. However, they do supply you with some sophisticated settings:

Maul Trackers: Objectives to remove any web tracking, personally we discovered AdBlock to be more helpful, however it’s a nice advertisement on.
Vigilant Bear: If your web disappears it will fully block your traffic until TunnelBear reconnects.
IntelliBear: Enables tunnelling of some websites and not others.
While these sophisticated settings are limited (in number) they are definitely great, and we can think of plenty of helpful scenarios for them.

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test).

While their speeds weren’t breaking the sound bearier, and somewhat lower than other leading end carriers, they absolutely continued to be appropriate enough for a comprehensive day to day use. As usual we had no problems with either the IP tests or DNS leakage test.

No VPN SpeedOpenVPN Speed.
Other Platforms.

While their assistance range isn’t really extensive, it covers all the crucial platforms on PC and mobile.


We provided the TunnelBear Android app a test and it didn’t disappoint. While the connection was steady and the speeds matched those attained through our computer system, it did seem a bit excessive (though wonderfully fitting in with their theme). A zoom function would also be valued, but overall no errors.

Free Solutions.

As discussed there is a totally free version of TunnelBear with a data cap of 500MB (+1 GB if you promote them on Twitter) we likewise provided this a test and found it to carry out just as well, though IntelliBear and Australia will need an upgrade. We would recommend an upgrade in either case as if you’re serious about personal privacy (which we truly hope you are), then you should have a VPN running all the time.


We liked.

The impawsible quantity of puns.
Easy customers.
Great security.
Great speeds.
Free service.
Fantastic value for cash.
We weren’t so sure about.

Limited advanced settings.
No P2P: but this is a great compromise for better security.
We hated.

Absolutely nothing.
TunnelBear has a clear user market in mind and they work remarkably at targeting it. For a lot of customers they are a great value for money service that we would gladly recommend without hesitation.

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