U Love U (ULU) Revitalise CBD Anti-Aging & Anti-Inflammatory Serum

U Love U offers Revitalise CBD Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Serum as their CBD skin cream. This serum is made with a 5% concentration of broad-spectrum CBD oil. At that percentage, this is a high-strength CBD serum.

This serum is made not only with ULU’s patented and fully organic CBD oil but with both Hyaluronic acid and Retinol. Also included in the serum are essential vitamins A and C, as well as B3 and B5. With CO-Q10, you will get the benefits of protection from free radicals and continuous cell regeneration.

The serum is rounded out with aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, delicate rose distillate, and sunflower seed oil.

Though this is a strong CBD serum, it is very gentle on your skin.

Who’s ULU Revitalised 5% CBD Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Serum For?

This CBD serum is for anyone who wants to revitalize their skin with a natural, organic cream that will work on many different aspects that will help your skin be at its healthiest point for a lot longer than average.

This CBD serum is great for:

  • Anyone looking for a great serum that does more than smooth the skin
  • Is willing to use the serum regularly to allow the product to work correctly
  • People who stress a lot – with CBD being a natural anti-inflammatory, the cream helps to counteract the damaging inflammatory agents released when stressed-out.
  • Anyone with skin damaged from unstable molecules known as free radicals – CBD serum cream is a natural anti-oxidant and can help stop any more damage.

This CBD serum is not great for:

  • Anyone unsure or skeptical of the actual benefits of CBD
  • People who do not regularly moisturize and will not change to moisturize regularly
  • People who prefer CBD products with THC
  • Those on a budget for skincare products

What We Like About ULU Revitalised 5% CBD Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Serum

There is so much to like about this product, and it is hard to fit it all into one section of a review. From the high quality, all-natural organic ingredients to its potent strength, ULU worked hard to ensure that the serum was optimized and ready to help you and your skin have the protection and care it needs.

Some of the other highlights are:

  • All ingredients are from herbicide and pesticide-free cultivators
  • Completely organic and natural
  • The maximum strength of 5% CBD makes it the most potent CBD serum on the UK market
  • ULU ensures that the serum is under .0005% of THC
  • Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant product
  • 5% CBD interacts with your ECS quickly to help it function properly

What We Don’t Like About ULU Revitalise 5% CBD Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Serum

There are some downsides to ULU’s CBD serum, as with any product. Overall, this is an excellent product. However, there are some things we did not like about the product. Though not a restrictive price point, it is a more expensive product than others out there.

If you do not enjoy the smell of CBD, this product may be hard for you to have on your face. Though ULU has ensured that the cream is legal with under 0.0005% THC in it; if you are not okay with any trace of THC in the product, this is not the serum for you.


  • Natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Pesticide/Herbicide free
  • EU cultivation
  • Maximum strength for maximum benefits


  • Higher Price tag
  • Has a minimal amount of THC
  • Distinct texture and smell

What Do You Get?

This is a fundamental, singular product. When you order the ULU Revitalise Anti-Aging Anti-Inflammatory serum, that is what you will get in the package.

This is not a jar; it will come as a tube full of this powerful serum.

It is offered in one size right now, 750mg/15ml. You will not get anything else in the package.

Overview Of Features

The base features of this serum are:

  • Top Quality Products
  • EU Cultivation
  • Herbicide/Pesticide Free
  • All-Natural fully certified organic
  • 5% CBD, < .0005% THC
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Oxidant

Let’s talk about ingredients.

U Love U ULU Anti Ageing CBD Review

When looking at skin care products, then there is nothing more important than looking at the ingredients. Here is a place where less is completely more, and more is often too much. The skin is so sensitive, exposed to so many outside irritants like wind and sun.

This is why ULU doesn’t put anything into their serum that is not natural, organic, and useful to protect and revitalize your skin. Below are the serum’s ingredients:

    • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Aloe Leaf Juice
    • Organic Coconut Oil
    • Emulsifying Wax (which is a combination of Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohol and Polysorbate 60)
    • Glycerin Polyol Compound
    • Stearic (octadecanoic) Acid
    • Vitamin C – Ester
    • Tocopherol – Vitamin E
    • Sunflower Seed Oil
    • Montmorillonite (Extract of Green Clay)
    • Organic Vaccinium Corymbosum Extract (From Blueberry Fruits)
    • Red Raspberry Fruit (Extract)
    • Organic Cranberry Fruit Extract
    • Salix Alba (White Willow Bark Extract)
    • Rosa Canina (Rosehip Seed Oil)
    • Melia Azadirachta (Organic Neem Seed Oil)
    • Extract of Rosemary Leaf
    • Helianthus Annuus (Organic Sunflower Seed Oil)
    • Organic Alcohol
    • Polysaccharide Xanthan Gum
    • Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

ULU CBD Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Serum Review Summary

There is no better serum out there that can provide you more revitalizing benefits, along with protection to help your skin stay smoother and healthier longer. If you suffer from chronically dry skin, eczema, or another skin condition, this product could be a real game-changer for you.

Not only that but with its extraordinary natural abilities, CBD was made to help you stop your skin from aging quickly and even works at protecting skin even as it moisturizes. With everything this serum can do with just two applications daily, it will be well worth the price tag.

If you want to use one serum on your face and neck that does the work of many different creams and lotions, ULU’s Revitalised 5% CBD Anti-Aging/Anti-Inflammatory Serum is a must-add to your skin regiment.


What is CBD?

Simply put, CBD is the shorthand for cannabidiol (aka cannabinoid), which is a chemical compound that can be found in multiple cannabis plants. It naturally occurs in these plants alongside other cannabinoids like Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), and, of course, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Isn’t CBD just a different name for marijuana?

No, it is undoubtedly not marijuana under a different name. Though closely related, CBD is THC free. THC, which is found in marijuana, is what gives the compound the psychoactive effects it is known for having.

To sum it up – you can’t get high off of CBD, and you can get from marijuana.

Can I get addicted to CBD?

No. There are no physical qualities that you can become addicted to. There is no possibility that you can become addicted to the compound.

Why are CBD skincare products becoming so popular?

Part of the reason that CBD products have become popular in skincare is that they work so well. CBD naturally helps to minimize and reduce inflammation. They also help with any redness, and CBD is a great natural moisturizer for even the driest skin.

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