UHWK CAMERA Review – Best POV Sports Action Camera

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The UHWK video camera is really created for all sporting activities. It could endure the roughness of sport while aiding you improve your personal video game. This is the player’s electronic camera.

The UHWK camera was built for professional athletes by athletes. While tough adequate to take the hits, the low profile design is so light that you will certainly forget it’s there. Via your personal viewpoint, you can relive your game highlights, develop your abilities, and improve your efficiency.

Mount. Click. Go. It’s that easy! Accommodating the active lifestyle of professional athletes and trains, the UHWK is flexible and also easy to use. The UHWK includes all essential mounts for use in any kind of sporting activity, supplying flexibility for the multi-sport professional athlete. There are likewise numerous straps included, making it simple to band the electronic camera onto various areas. UHWK comes pre-charged with over 100 minutes of battery time (so you can use it at your following practice or game!). Pre-loaded with a vacant SD card and already installed to the headband, the UHWK is almost game ready right from the box! Furnished with 1080p HD ability and also QuikKey functionality, capturing, examining, and also unloading excellent quality video has actually never ever been less complicated! UHWK is fully compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Mobile running systems, so you can be ensured that you could quickly utilize your UHWK with all of your devices.

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  • I such as the low profile of it, lots of people do not also see, or they assume it’s the place for a cam Any person who mentioned this was amazed it was the real video camera.
  • It’s easy to use, just flick the button and it starts recording
  • Without all sort of adapters it’s actually mobile
  • It’s not in a thick case, which suggests the sound is pretty good. I like that the mic is at the bottom which indicates any type of conversations or talking is useful when editing and enhancing
    Battery life is good considering it’s dimension, and also it’s easy to save battery as well as card space by just flicking the button whenever you intend to turn the cam off
  • The image top quality is max 1080 p however isn’t really constantly super crisp. It’s default setting is 720p though, much more on that later
  • The field of vision excels, however not fantastic. For hockey I can either see the play (defense attempting to stop me), or see my stick (sick toe drag), however you can’t see both. For hockey a broader FOV would certainly behave
  • The place is a little simple. It’s two elastic bands that attach through the screw openings on the safety helmets. They work really well, and also I appreciate the simplicity of breaking the camera on, yet they have their flaws (more on that particular later).

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  • The camera has one switch, on or off. That’s it, no display, no menu, no setups, nothing. So it’s easy which can be great, but you have no options (well there are two alternatives, see below).
  • Default cam setup is 720 p, yet it’s promoted as 1080P also. In order to transform this setup you have to open up a txt file that survives on the miniature sd card and also alter some values.
  • However this procedure is not recorded anywhere on-line or the handbooks. I had to speak to the owner of the firm for a walk through.
  • Finding the right angle can be hard. You can pretty much inform just what the camera will see, but obtaining that angle isn’t easy. When I placed it, the camera happened to be looking a little up. In order to point it down I needed to put a wedge behind the cam. This is the downfall of the straightforward elastic band place. This angle was enough to see the play, but I wanted to try an angle that would certainly see the puck and my stick, so I had to make the wedge larger with hockey tape. A much better placing system would be nice, or perhaps the capacity to rotate the camera lens up or down.

That’s my experience so far. I assume that for hockey players the best means to use the video camera is to have a team mate use the electronic camera. It’s stealthy so I don’t believe most players would certainly mind using it. So in addition to recording your own action videos, you may as well also sharpen your own skates. Luckily we have a review for that too. 🙂 See our Sparx Skate Sharpener review here.

UHWK Camera Promo Codes

Currently we have not found any promo codes to use for teh UHWK camera exclusively. Most stores selling the camera have not issues any discounts as of yet. But the best price we found is at hockeymonkey and you can probably use one of their discount codes.

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