VigCal App Review – A Smart Organizer for iPhone

We always like to review performance apps as they assist in getting things done more efficiently,  there is constantly a sense of accomplishments when you tick among the boxes on your achievements within this app.

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VigCal does all that and more. It’s in fact a smart organizer for your life. Your life will have occasions, notes and tips. This might be a mix of dental expert or medical professionals’ consultations, keeps in mind about going shopping to obtain and pointers informing us to fulfill Sophie for coffee in the area or to obtain a birthday card for Nigel.

VigCal rolls all these occasions into one. The calendars are divided up into colors and it’s possible to see the whole calendar rolled into one, with just the colors setting the various jobs, pointers and occasions apart.


So you can combine your calendar or unmerge it– the option is yours. Turning backward and forward in between the calendars is really fast and simple. However not just can you see your whole life ahead of you in one calendar, you can alter just how much of it you see prior to you. So, if you want to see simply the next 7 days, or the whole month, you can. Hectic day ahead? Modification to see of the calendar to simply one day and see plainly exactly what lies ahead for the rest these days.

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There is even a separation screen to reveal you just how much spare time you have and just how much is set as hectic. You can even pick when to begin your week– we’ve constantly baulked at calendars that insist the week starts on a Sunday. It does not, that spiritual day is the last day of the week END, capiche? VigCal can let you choose whether you desire Monday or Sunday to be the “Day One” of your week at a glimpse.

VigCal even lets you browse in months or years to come, so you may wish to take a look at all the birthdays that are ahead in one view, the amount of money of company conferences you have actually set up in the future, the number of video games your preferred football group are going to be arranged to use live tv or the number of health club consultations you have.

We liked the method the calendar can connect into images, images or web links you put close to each occasion. It is a calendar similar to the one Google has actually produced however there is more accessibility to deal with those little wish list and notes we produce our calendars.

App Info:

VigCal – Smart organizer for your life!
VigCal is an organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich advanced features set, including:

• Supports multiple calendars, color code and put them in the same view.
• Calendars can be merged.
Lunar date supported.
• Tasks and notes are integrated with calendar events.

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

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