VigCal For Mac Review – Smart organizer for your life!

Organizing your life is a hard task particularly if it’s a hectic one. We constantly think that having a great efficient app will assist you get things done rapidly, easily and smartly. Introducing VigCal for Mac, it’s an organizer for your jobs, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with lots of features. A lot, I am unsure you can get around to utilizing them all.

VigCal is a smart and convenient organizer. Throughout our lives we have consultations such as doctors or dental practitioner, events such as a Coldplay performance, tasks as well as little notes and reminders such as meeting John for lunch and going shopping for thing we require. Whatever it might be VigCal keeps it organised and let you remain on track of what has to be done. The calendars are divided up into colors and it’s possible to see the entire calendar rolled into one, with only the colous setting the different jobs, reminders and occasions apart.


Setting a job or adding something to your calendar is simple. When you have a list all set up you can go forward to a day, week or even months to see exactly what you have showing up. You can likewise see the spare time you have so you will have the ability to arrange any unanticipated job or visits that show up. VigCal permits you to share your calendar with who you desire. You can also prioritize your job with how important they are.

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Your job can be synced with Google tasks, built-in Pointers and Toodledo. “Event can be directly synced with Google calendar and integrated calendar, where you can sync data to Outlook, Mobile Me, etc. VigCal can sync with other VigCal (Mac or iOS variation) by means of iCloud/VigCloud. Sync with several gadgets via iCloud/VigCloud.” The features of VigCal appears limitless.

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The complimentary version is limited to exactly what you can do however still enough to obtain you off. The full variation is only $4.99 but for a minimal time you can get 88% off if you were an AweCal user. Honestly, $4.99 is a small rate to pay for a Mac App with a lot of features that gets you arranged.

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