Why Did Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) Kill Han Solo?

Well one scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is probably the most shocking in the entire movie. First we find Han Solo yelling to his son ‘Ben’ while Kylo Ren is walking away. He turns and what happens is something expected but not hoped for.

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While the evaluations for The Force Awakens up until now have actually been favorable (it’s difficult to be damaging without offering overwhelming away), we can most likely anticipate a substantial reaction from long-time Star Wars fans, who will rave at the audacity of J.J. Abrams and Disney: How dare they exterminate the series’ most renowned character to sustain the arcs of a brand-new generation?! For years, male Star Wars fans have actually related to Han Solo; his love with Leia has actually been #relationshipgoals for practically everybody.

And it’s not simply that Han Solo passed away. It’s that the most badass character in film history headed out not in a blaze of splendor, however at the hand of his kid, overtook feeling and sentimentality. It was an effective end, however some will call it unneeded, or not worthy. Some will make use of Han’s death as a need to decline the whole brand-new Star Wars legend.

However I’ve lastly accepted (after much gross sobbing) that it could not have actually decreased any other method. If you’re not persuaded, let’s simplify:

  1. We need to have understood that it would boil down to the child eliminating the daddy. After all, this is exactly what Emperor Palpatine desired Luke to do, to completely welcome his Dark Side. Unless Kylo Ren had not been the real bad guy of the brand-new trilogy (and at that point in the film, it was clear there was no other practical alternative), there was no other way he would not need to eliminate his dad to finish his shift from Light to Dark.
  2. Unexpectedly, Harrison Ford’s interest about The Force Awakens makes overall sense. Think of it: Ford has actually invested the previous Three Decade preventing responding to concerns about Star Wars. He notoriously desired George Lucas to eliminate him off in Return of the Jedi. However J.J. Abrams provided Ford what Lucas never ever might: A last, smash-bang experience for Han Solo, a fitting end– and, lastly, an end. It’s over for Han Solo, and Harrison Ford can retire from Star Wars at last. He needs to be elated.
  3. It was the ideal method to signify completion of an age, and the dawning of a brand-new age. Yes, we had Finn and Rey and they’re incredible, however you understood that everybody in every theater in every city in every nation was awaiting Han Solo and Chewbacca to appear on the screen. Han Solo assisted bridge the space in between the initial trilogy and the brand-new, and after that he fell back, enabling the brand-new kids to take the reins. Han Solo is dead. Long live Star Wars.

You may not like this advancement. In truth, J.J. Abrams may simply decrease in history as the male who eliminated Han Solo. However it was a damn gutsy step– and it was essential for the story to advance.

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