YTA Method Review and Caleb Maddix – Is This Course Legit?

So I was about to view a Robert Kiyosaki video on YouTube a few days ago and was shown an ad from Caleb Maddix and his YTA (YouTube Automation) Method training. I had not heard of him or this type of investing so I sat through the 3-minute pitch. I was naturally intrigued as I had never considered ‘investing’ into owning YouTube channels. Once I got over to his site, I registered for the webinar and sat through that the next day. Obviously this kid knows his stuff and is a good presenter. Sounds and looks like his mentors are the top marketers in the field today like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, and others, which is fine company. As I was doing searches for what others are saying about the YTA Method I was finding many press releases and other ‘reviews’ that looks liked disguised news releases. So I decided to put up my own ‘real’ review of the YTA Method.

If you just want to skip to the good stuff and register for the webinar you can do that here.

What Exactly Is The YTA Method?

In a nutshell, it will teach you how to find other YouTube channels are are in niches that are getting tons of views which means they are getting income from those videos. He teaches you to think more like an investor instead of being a personality on YouTube channels, which means that each video you make is to be treated as an ‘asset’ that will make you passive income over time. Each video can stand on its own to generate income and by tapping into other live channels that have already proven what people are searching for and willing to watch, you can simply duplicate that but in a different way to make it your own.

By creating a gameplan based on other successful YouTube channels, he then teaches you how to find outsourcers that specialize in creating captive YouTube videos that will do the hard work for you. You are basically the conductor on this band by creating the playlist of videos to be made and then hand them off to the video creators. Once they send them back to you, you will upload them to your channel and schedule out according to their recommended publishing schedule. You can even have the outsource team do all this as well, you just need to negotiate this with your team. But personally, I prefer to be hands-on with the scheduling, especially with a new channel.

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That’s pretty much what the YTA Method is. Then you just rinse and repeat in other niches and just put this whole thing on autopilot.

Who is Caleb Maddix?

Never heard of this kid before but apparently he has been in the marketing game for a number of years already even though he looks like he just got his drivers license. Actually, he was probably already marketing before he got a license. Regardless, he knows his stuff and teaches in a way that literally anyone will understand. As with all ‘get rich’ and ‘passive income‘ training systems, its only good if someone takes the material and puts it into real practice. People buy into the ‘hype’ of these things as the next best thing and then quickly fall away from it because they lose interest or move onto the next shiny object. I too have fell into that trap, but I can see this as a fun side hobby for anyone that is good with organizing and really wants to create an asset with something they are passionate about.

For example, if you are a gardener or a video gamer or plumber and really enjoy it but don’t really feel like you can get behind an iPhone camera daily talking about what you are doing. Then using the YTA Method would be a good option for you, as this does not require you to do any video or talking. You can, of course, do this and add to your channel as you become more confident but the method teaches you to train your video creators to make the videos.

Do I recommend Investing In the YTA Method?

Again, as with all training courses that talk about the next best thing, this question really should come down to:

  1. Are you interested in teaching others without actually having to be the teacher?
  2. Are you okay with being the conductor on creating a game plan on what your channel will cover?

The YTA Method training goes into teaching you how to do all this and if you follow it, creating YouTube channels on things you are interested in should be an easy thing you can add to your total source of income. Plus it will make anyone feel an entrepreneur as you are getting the mindset training of running your own business and being your own boss. So regardless of where you are in your work life, this will fit in nicely.

Be sure to signup for the webinar here if you are on the fence about what exactly this is.

Or if you want to jump in now and start this training you can do so here. Also note that it comes with a money back guarantee.

9 Total Score
YTA Method Review

A good course for learning how to create profitable YouTube Channels.

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