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Zoolz Dual Cloud Review – 2TB Lifetime Plan

Review Summary:

Zoolz now includes two cloud backup services in one lifetime plan. 500gb for instant storage ala Dropbox, and 500gb Cold Storage for archival purposes.

Zoolz Dual Cloud storage is one of the newer cloud backup companies to hit the scene. When I say new they have been around for a good 5 years and have gotten better year over year from when they first launched. Zoolz is unlike any other file backup company out there for 3 reasons.

  1. They offer what they call ‘Cold Storage’ which is basically a uber friendly way to use Amazon Glacier and at a lower cost overall.
  2. They offer what they call Hybrid+ storage, which in addition to cold storage, Zoolz will set aside a sent amount of space locally using your hard drive space to create an instant backup ‘section’, from which you can instantly retrieve any file or folder you may have deleted.
  3. The offer Zero cost for restoring via the cloud. If you use your own Glacier account for backing up files you will need to pay a restore fee for these files. Not with Zoolz, they offer the same easy restore feature but without the costs.

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With support on all your devices including Windows 10 and older, Mac OSX, and apps for Android and iOS you can have all your files available wherever you go.

Why Zoolz is the most practical lifetime cloud storage

Zoolz is designed to store data from all your external and internal media to the cloud for a lifetime. Your hard drives may die, but your data will live on with Zoolz.

Here are some of the reasons why other solutions are not considered lifetime storage:

1.   Your external drive files are subjected to deletion if you forget to reconnect your external drive to your computer.

2.   Your data is not encrypted before leaving your machine. Who knows what can happen with data privacy laws in the future?

3.   Your current cloud solution can limit the number of external hard drives that can be backed up. Over the years you can accumulate more and will have to abandon your older ones to protect the newer.

4.   If you want to retire your computer, your older files must be recovered to the newer one or they will be deleted.

5.   If you delete a file, it will be also removed from your online storage after a certain period of time.

6.   No network drive support for home users.

The best part of this service is that they are offering a Lifetime License on their 2TB Dual storage plan for only $59.99 for a one time payment.

Choose Instant Vault: When you are saving mission critical files that need to be shared, or recovered instantly.

Choose Cold Storage: When you wish to backup files that are rarely accessed and wish to safe keep them on the cloud.

For information about the differences between Instant Vault and Cold Storage, click here

You can also enable Hybrid+ to keep a local copy of all your backed up files for near-zero recovery time and use Cold Storage for an inexpensive secondary backup.

Get The Lifetime License Here

Learn more about the Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage service in this video:

Get The Lifetime License Here


Zoolz now includes two cloud backup services in one lifetime plan. 500gb for instant storage ala Dropbox, and 500gb Cold Storage for archival purposes.

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