About Reviewster

Started in 2004, Reviewster.com started out as a simple review site around popular tech industries of the time. Take a look at the first edition of the site below…

Reviewster in 2004

Not a bad design for the time either, it even had the code for the current day/time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, we are a small team of ‘reviewsters’ that are helping small businesses launch their products or services as well as established businesses with doing reviews of their products or services.

Product reviews are always going to be needed by 3rd parties sources as well as actual customers. We strive to group both for companies into one post so that future customers can get up to date info, feedback, and reviews on the products they are interested in.

So who are the main ‘Reviewsters’?

Rob Boirun – one of the original founders and lead reviewer. He has been in the digital marketing game since 2002 and has started and sold many digital properties over the years including the popular DVD burning site Burnworld.com in the 2000’s. He has also started and runs many SaaS brands to help the digital marketing community.

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Eric Byron – Came on board in 2015 and is a solid reviewer in many categories here including the self-defense category. With a background in security, his knowledge of firearms and hunting gear is second to none.

He is also starting a CBD business and can help those that are looking to crack into the CBD industry.

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Dr. Janet Osborne – We needed a health expert on the site and we found Dr. Janet. She has been in the health and wellness space for 10 years now and is currently doing the necessary research needed for all types ofย  ‘alternative’ medicines.

She loves the outdoors and especially golf where she has a 82 handicap and can beat any of us here for sure. If the future look for her reviews in the Golf category which we are looking to expand into.

If you want your golf product reviewed please give us a shout.

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Katie Borucki – Katie is the managing editor and writer here at Reviewster. She is a research and library geek and can frequently be found perusing the stacks. She specializes in writing reviews for products for the home. She is also the adoring and incredibly proud mom of four.

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We also have many individual ‘reviewsters’ that help out from time to time. We are always looking for new reviewsters to add to the team, so if you have a passion and a gift to analyize products and services, please contact us so we can get you on a review that we have in our queue.


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