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Are you an expert in your field that want to share your knowledge and write for us? Reviewster is a new startup that is creating the platform to allow you to do this. Join today and start spreading your message to the world.

This media kit gives an inside view of Reivewster and who uses us and how, including updated details about our audience, accomplishments, and offerings. This info should help you decide if partnering with us will be a good fit for your product/service/business.

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About Reviewster

Reviewster was started in the mid-2000 to be a ‘review’ source for products and services. Today we have many contributors that help craft and present ‘Best of’ and ‘Top 10’ posts around product categories.

Content areas

We write about many different product and service categories, from Tech to Home Goods to Professional Services. Please use the form below to pitch us your category idea.

Site traffic

Our site received the following page views and monthly unique visitors in the previous month*:

  • Monthly Page views: 50,778 
  • Monthly unique visitors: 35,574 

* Authenticated by Google Analytics

Social reach

Below are our current follower numbers on the top social media platforms+ for our audience:

  • Facebook: 1000
  • Twitter: 700
  • Email subscribers: 10956

Our audience

These demographics reflect the majority of people who visited our site in the previous month:

  • Gender: Male (60%)*
  • Age: 25-34 (45%)*
  • Location: United States (69%)*
  • Device: Mobile (70%)*
  • Interests: 5.3% Tech; 4.5% Kitchen; 4.75% Outdoors; 3.7% Health & Fitness*
  • Household Income: $150K (174 Index)^
  • Education Level: Grad School (123 Index)^
  • Children in Household: Has Kids (135 Index)^
  • Top Industries: Government, Marketing, Real Estate, Legal, Business Administration^

* Authenticated by Google Analytics

^ Authenticated by Quantcast

Brand portfolio

We have partnered with a select number of relevant brands and companies to create unique sponsored content that serves our audience, while also delivering on brand objectives. Here are a few examples of paid campaigns we’ve worked on:

Working with Reviewster

Does Reviewster sound like the perfect fit for your target audience? Here are some ways we could partner with you:

Display advertising

Header, content, footer, and sidebar advertising slots are available.

Sponsored content

We are open to integrating the right brand’s messaging or products into existing relevant content, or creating new custom content that’s tailor-made for your needs. Our team can provide unique ideas that bring your brand to life and resonate with our readers.

One thing to note: We create sponsored content with as much care as our organic posts, including the same high-quality writing, photography, social media engagement, and authentic tone our fans know and love. Use the form below to pitch us your idea.

Affiliate marketing

If your brand or product offers an affiliate program, we can consider adding it to our carefully curated set of affiliate merchants we work with. What’s matters most to us: Is it something we’d buy or recommend anyway?

Guest blogging

We’re happy to publish high-quality, original content provided by guest contributors, as long as it meets our guest post guidelines and fits into our editorial calendar.

Product mentions

Want to send us a complimentary product or book for review? Send us a pitch and we’ll let you know if we’re interested in trying it. While we don’t guarantee coverage, if we love what you send and think our audience would too, we’ll make every effort to include your product or brand in a future post.

And more…

Posting guidelines are:

– Only submit original content

– Post must be of value and answer the users intention of the topic. Either How To, Review, or a helpful Top 10 list.

– You may include one link in article text.

– Linking to sources within content is encouraged

– Please add a picture or url source for a picture.

– If you are a regular contributor please interlink between your other articles that are related.

– The best articles usually have 2-3 related that all interlink within each other. So for best results please add 3 articles around a topic and interlink. (optional)

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    Writing Sample

    You can send individual articles to reviewstercom (at) for consideration.

    But we encourage you to to create your own account here. Once you do, contact us and ask to be a contributor. Then you can upload your articles for publishing.

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