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Reviewster.com is now accepting applications for being a regular contributor.

Are you an expert in your field that want to share your knowledge and write for us? Reviewster is a new startup that is creating the platform to allow you to do this. Join today and start spreading your message to the world.

Posting guidelines are:

– Only submit original content

– Post must be of value and answer the users intention of the topic. Either How To, Review, or a helpful Top 10 list.

– You may include one link in article text.

– Linking to sources within content is encouraged

– Please add a picture or url source for a picture.

– If you are a regular contributor please interlink between your other articles that are related.

– The best articles usually have 2-3 related that all interlink within each other. So for best results please add 3 articles around a topic and interlink. (optional)

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You can send individual articles to info (at) reviewster.com for consideration.

But we encourage you to to create your own account here. Once you do, contact us and ask to be a contributor. Then you can upload your articles for publishing.

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